Lôbitt by Santi Burgas

Lôbitt 2013

22.07.2013 - 05:54 PM
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Smells how it looks like

Lôbitt reminds me of a certain cooling drink I remember from the late 80s/early 90s. It was called "sicilian mandarin with lime". One of my favorite coolers ever. The mandarin and lime aroma could have been quite overpowering and highly concentrated, but I liked it much and was sad when it got shelved. To me, Lôbitt smells like the drink tasted - very fresh and juicy, but partly overexaggerated.
It's negligible that the neon yellow scent comes across a bit synthetic. Officially there is no lime involved, but the associtation is there, maybe it comes from the neroli.

Annoyingly, Lôbitt seems to collapse after a few minutes and gets an irksome gum-like nature. This vanishes later and the mandarin seems to recover itself, but I don't find it that pleasant. Later the scent gets more citrusy and reminds me somehow of the Dior Homme Sport, but only slightly.

Lôbitt lasts quite long in comparison to other citrus scents. It could be a clue that not all ingredients are of natural origin.

I'm not a fan of layering, so I decided to test Lôbitt on its own for now. The scent is principally ok, but sadly not continuously a clean scent and squeaky at times (the dazzling color could have been a hint in the first place).

Further comments on the layering concept of Santi Burgas and possible recommendable combinations with Lôbitt will follow.

(Thank you Franfan20 for translation)

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