Lôjazz by Santi Burgas

Lôjazz 2013

18.08.2013 - 09:06 PM
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Ant Music

Are you in the mood for a kooky perfume experience? If so, the Loant Collection might be just the thing to rattle your sabre. This new line consists of seven scents, each of which is meant to represent a different segment of an ant's body: Top notes for the head, heart notes for the thorax and base notes for the abdomen. Each bottle is helpfully labelled with three circles stacked vertically, with the relevant segment darkened. The entire collection is intended to be layered and mixed, even though we are assured that each component is a stand-alone fragrance in its own right.

Lojazz is one of several perfumes in the line that represent the crowned head (see the logo) of the perfume insect. The listed notes include jasmine sambac, magnolia, orange blossom and violet. Why no hesperides? Don't ask me. In any event, I approached this perfume with a certain degree of caution after reading Silverfire's rather frightening review. Just to be on the safe side, I sprayed my knee as opposed to any of the usual spots. I was immediately smacked in the face by a box of mothballs. The opening of Lojazz features indoles abounding; however, they dropped off considerably after the first ten minutes and the more pleasant white floral characteristics emerged. What remained was somewhat reminiscent of Serge Luten's A la Nuit, minus the clove. This is a rather feral jasmine and orange blossom perfume that would kick some serious ass in a catfight. It has very good sillage and longevity, which could be a bummer if you happen to be indole-averse like Silverfire.

Lojazz would probably benefit greatly by being layered with Lomusk or one of the other base notes components of the line. It has an unfinished quality about it that's like someone trailing off in the middle of a interesting sentence. While I would have been happy to layer the bejesus out of these fumes, the nature of a sample pass limits the amount of juice that any one participant can use. Therefore, I may have to invest in a discovery set at some point in order to give this line its proper consideration. My verdict on Lojazz was "not bad," and possibly much better if layered with other components of the line. Mucho thanks to Fran for putting this sample pass together. :)
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