Lôtree by Santi Burgas

Lôtree 2013

20.08.2013 - 09:46 PM
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Oud Incognito

I was really looking forward to this particular offering out of the entire Loant collection. The German reviews likened Lotree to a foundry in the middle of a dense forest and mentioned "singing woods." Could it be something along the lines of OJ Woman or Chene, maybe? I was so hopeful. And while some of the Loant scents are the sort of harrowing colors I associate with sports energy drinks, Lotree is a soothing, mysterious green, with listed notes of moss, cedar and sandalwood. Mentally, I was already sitting on a bed of moss under a canopy of trees, watching dragonflies flit by. But then I tested it.

While Lotree is by no means a bad perfume, it is a far cry from what I was anticipating. Rather than a melange of woods and moss, I got one goliath of an aromachemical. Polysantol? Don't think so. Cashmeran? Nah. Iso E Super? Might be some in there, but mostly I thought I was smelling PSOUD (pseudo oud). Initially I questioned my nose/judgement, because although the listed notes include the catch-all term, "woods," perfumers are in the habit of announcing the presence of oud in a fragrance with great fanfare, possibly to justify a hefty pricetag. Why wouldn't Santi Burgas list oud as note? I had to be mistaken. Then dear Mr. Cryptic, patient veteran of many perfume testing sprees, weighed in. "Aww...honey, not that sh*t again," he said, and I knew it had to be oud: The only note he cannot stand.

Many perfume fans would find Lotree appealing, especially when layered with Lorose, and my rating reflects that, as opposed to my personal prejudice against oud. Lotree is remarkably tenacious, and probably would have earned a 100% longevity rating if I had fully tested it. However, as I scrubbed it off after about an hour I gave it 75% for lingering on the towel, on my hair and in my nasal passages.
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