Espresso Royale by Sebastiane

Espresso Royale 2012

17.11.2015 - 02:33 PM

Espresso Royale: all inclusive coffee break!

Generously dosed espresso coffee nectar with a decent dash of Tia Maria liqueur along with a hazelnut pastry: un unprecedented all inclusive/all gender coffee sensation!
After spraying some Espresso Royale by S├ębastiane, my need for coffee is practically gone: never tried drugs in my life, let alone used, but when we talk about methadone as a means of fighting addiction, I see the same phenomenon happening with this syrupy coffee aroma essence ... one shot and away goes my need for my favo dark & comforting substance (not really, ha ha)
Note: Along with coffee beans, caramel and hazelnut are also very present, so it reminds me instantly of Starbucks meetings with my friends: ladies, shall we?
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