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Sentifique is a new fragrance collection from Zurich. Launched back in 2009, the ambitious project was kept top secret until the presentation of the first fragrances in fall 2012. The name "Sentifique" is playfully composed of the French "senteurs magnifiques" and aptly describes the goal of the young brand: the creation of fascinating and incomparable fragrances.

Sentifque's fragrance designs are the work of Friedemann Ramacher, a Swiss architect and now creative director of Sentifique. His parents are musicians and moved around a lot. Ramacher spent the first 20 years of his life in 6 different cities in Europe. The impressions of different cultures, the cosmopolitan parental home and also his teenage years in the exciting 80s have strongly influenced his creativity. The ideas for his fragrances are influenced by his vision of a different, more glamorous world, erotic desires, extraordinary experiences, his fascination with the absurd, and crazy and futuristic fantasies.

For the realization of these ideas, Sentifique deliberately does not commission renowned and well-known "noses". It is the young shooting stars of the art of perfumery, such as Andreas Wilhelm from Zurich, who courageously and passionately break new ground and thus create unique perfumes for Sentifique.

The fragrances of Sentifique can hardly be described with the classic fragrance pyramid. They are deliberately linear fragrances. Their complete fragrance develops within a very short time. It is meant to be perceived as a unified new fragrance experience, which almost does not change over many hours. None of the ingredients used should be immediately recognizable or come to the fore more strongly at a later time, thereby changing the character of the fragrance. The creation of linear perfumes is very complex and places high demands on the quality of the raw materials used.

Sentifique's perfumes contain 70-80% natural essential oils, depending on the fragrance. Among them are many very rare and precious substances, such as the absoluteness of Iris Florentina (of which only 300 grams can be produced per year), very exquisite qualities of oud and Mysore sandalwood, or even the wonderful essential oil of magnolia. Not so expensive, but also of great importance for the fragrances of Sentifique is the use of the latest and also more famous synthetic fragrances from the laboratory. Without their help, certain effects and novel fragrance experiences would not be possible.
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