20.06.2022 - 11:02 PM

Solar, rich and mysterious

I write these few lines to share my experience of this glamour.

To read at once .. in one go :)

A woody fragrance where cedar and sandalwood enrich their resin with the candied bark of mandarin, dried figs and brown dates. It splices nutmeg, cumin and cloves. The bitter and sweet bay leaf, combined with spices, rests the scent on a bed of freshness and asserts itself in smoothness by balms, such as those of tonka bean, Siam benzoin and myrrh. The cistus labdanum refocuses the perfume on itself, linking the components by unifying them with its mysteriously tarred smoke.

Serge Lutens creates his perfumes by sublimating a smell through a history, legend, culture, or any other element necessary for its genesis.

Arabia of lutens is a tasting
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