Arabie by Serge Lutens
Review by Njdeb


6 Awards
Helpful Review    01/08/2012
Longevity 10.0 Scent 7.0
What a long, strange trip it's been
This is one amazing whirlwind of a scent. There are so many aromas swirling in this perfume. Sweet stewed fruits, rich resins, warm spices and something that somehow evokes the image of a wild nocturnal animal in a dark forest. I imagine that what I am picking up is reminiscent of the natural animal notes used in classic perfumery – things like ambergris, civet and natural musk. I've always wondered what the term animalic meant, and I really think I get a hint of that quality in this perfume – it somehow smells alive.

This scent is dark and exotic and truly one of the most uniquely complex creations I've ever smelled. It also has this intriguing quality in that, when sprayed on my wrist, it smells different in the center (where I imagine the spray hits the heaviest) than on the sides of my wrist where the scent is not just fainter but of a different character. The “edge” of the scent is somehow more ethereal than the dense center - with a powdery sweetness and a hint of something vaguely like calamine lotion or coca cola.

Fascinating though it is, I'm not sure it is something I could wear - it seems a bit too masculine for me. I can see this being intoxicating on a man.