Bas de soie by Serge Lutens

Bas de soie 2010

20.11.2013 - 07:54 AM
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Nostalgic and Carnal

Wearing Bas de Soie is a case study in nostalgia, carnality and whatever unique subconscious connections may exist between the two in a given person's mind.
Emotions aside, this is a smooth green floral with a dominant powdery iris note of utmost quality. Except, it is absolutely impossible to keep emotions aside while wearing it.
The green and floral notes are woven into a delicate web of leaves, grass blades, rose petals, violets, hyacinths and irises. This accord, comprising the surface of Bas de Soie, reads from a distance as a perfectly clean, powdery floral, slightly reminiscent of makeup and utterly feminine. But below these tangled flowers and out of plain sight, hide the sweet little nestlings with a floury, fuzzy, funky smell all of their own. Once I notice those little birds playing hide and seek among the foliage and blossoms, it's quite impossible to stop thinking of them, and I keep sniffing my wrist just to make sure that eventually they find their way home and are snugly tucked in that floral nest of theirs.
And then there are the silk stockings. But not just any silk stockings. This is the scent of the stockings my grandmother kept for decades hidden away in the darkest corner of that bottomless abyss that her wardrobe was to the six-year old me, along with the fabulous 50's crepe de chine cinched waist dresses, her wedding corsage from the same era, and the scary snake like coil of a chignon allegedly made out of her own virginal braid that she had cut off before her wedding night. Those stockings smelled of floral soap bars that perfumed the wardrobe, a little bit of dust and melancholy of time passing by, but most amazingly they still held on to the vibrantly sensual aroma of a young woman's flesh.
And so it is. Ever so feminine and constantly alternating between the strange, the carnal and the intensely nostalgic, this fragrance is like a living, breathing woman, perfect on the outside, torn up by emotions inside.
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