Chypre rouge by Serge Lutens
Review by ScentFan
Dusky Charm
For some reason, I’m prepared not to like this, picky about chypres as I am and not having found a satisfactory explanation of what “rouge” is in perfume. The liquid is a rosy color, though. On first sniff, it manages to have a faintly rosy air, without the actual presence of rose, per our notes. It’s not a chypre either, having only moss to its credit and no cistus labdanum. It does have musk. Sniffing again. Well, okay. On skin, it’s another SL beauty—a dusky charm that spell binds. Is there such a thing as a bad SL perfume? This is pine and thyme and his seductive beeswax again with honey and Jasmine. Just reading the base notes is a joy: amber, moss, musk, patchouli, vanilla. That’s because by now I realize that SL knows how to do its notes. Its cedars don’t screech. It’s patchouli doesn’t make you want to pull out your censer. The notes are well-managed and authentic. What I imagine they’ll smell like when combined, they do. I wouldn’t wear Chypre Rouge, though. Whatever unpeggable thing makes me need to buy or die isn’t here. No denying the beauty, though.

[from Forum topic, Sniff fest: Serge Lutens]