Datura noir (Eau de Parfum) by Serge Lutens

Datura noir 2001 Eau de Parfum

22.02.2013 - 06:42 PM
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Intoxicating coconut floriental.

Datura Noir doesn't contain datura , which is a plant from a genus that is known for its hallucinogenic and medicinal (atropine) properties. Apart from their poisonous nature, they apparently don't really have a smell of their own so the name is a word play and probably refers to the possibly hallucinogenic effect of wearing a tropical scent like this.

I will fess up to love both tuberose and osmanthus notes and also like the smell of coconut. Sofar, nearly every coconut fragrance I've tested, have been quite disappointing (e.g. YR Coconut, Creed Virgin Island Water), so I was a bit apprehensive. Besides, while tuberose smells great, it tends to dominate to the point of it being cloying.
But I was not disappointed: Datura Noir is an intoxicating sweet but not too sweet tropical oriental fragrance and I think to be able to detect tuberose, osmanthus, coconut, almond (faintly), vanilla and probably also heliotrope as this is the note responsible for the powdery accord.
So, if you enjoy tuberose and don't mind smelling coconut, but dislike overly dominant fragrances, you might enjoy Datura Noir as much as I do.
Some complain of short longevity but it has been 8 hours since application and it is still going strong albeit with a soft to moderate sillage.
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