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Dent de Lait by Serge Lutens
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Dent de Lait is a perfume by Serge Lutens for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is creamy-fresh. It is being marketed by Shiseido Group / Beauté Prestige International.

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Aldehydes, Coconut milk, Almond, Blood accord



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Submitted by OPomone, last update on 26.08.2019
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Very helpful Review    11
Milk calculation
There are door handles that have a story to tell; often there was a thread in the game. And again there are banal occurrences with a snack, which did not only serve those days to fill my still young stomach lovingly - no, this snack was given a special role. It was allowed to be stage, stage for my front incisor. This event was quite repulsive for me, as I did not expect it at all and so the milk tooth lay fat and shimmering white on the bread after the first bite. But of course the whole thing had an advantage; I could get involved in an exchange deal with the tooth mouse...
In general, tooth mice don't seem to be choosy, even sealed milk teeth are accepted and turned into a small present overnight. As a little child I often wondered what might happen to all these teeth...are they made into new teeth? Does a frustrated dentist have a bizarre passion for collecting? Does the tooth mouse build itself a tooth palace?

Dent de Lait - the olfactory milk tooth; a perfume that brings back memories or causes slight disgust due to the blood chord already mentioned during reading. Well, it's not that bad at all.
The prelude is, due to the aldehydes used, metallic and soapy and will last for some time. Coconut milk and almond add a sweet and slightly creamy creaminess and weaken the metallic impression. The blood chord is wafer-thin and becomes perceptible at best in the prelude by the aldehyde in its metallic form. The durability is astonishingly enduring; the Sillage is already quite room-filling with a sprayer and holds itself accordingly.
In general, the perfume moves in a tame, unspectacular direction without much progression, and so the name "Dent de Lait" may evoke associations, but ultimately remains a kind of Nivea cream with a clinically sweetened undertone
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10.0 6.0 8.0 4.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    16
This tooth is pulled
In the meantime we have got to know numerous extravagant fragrances from Serge Lutens, but what was the monsieur thinking a perfume
Dent de Lait?
I've received a sample and I'm going to get to the bottom of this.
Unfortunately, I take a look at the scents first and read : Blood Chord.
I'm getting a little anxious.
I wonder what's in store for me.
How will this chord smell?
Fresh, old, dried blood -
i've smelled it all before.
Would I like to find that in a perfume?
But wait, it is about the named childlike milk tooth.
Can't be that bad.

I remember an incident when my eldest son gradually separated from his first teeth at the age of 6.
A molar tooth proved to be particularly stubborn and did not want to submit to the planning of dental construction.
His dad had the ingenious idea of wrapping the troublemaker in a strong thread and attaching the other end of the thread to the Playmobil slingshot.
The slingshot was stretched and anyway we all understood that now game should become serious, the tooth had already been pulled.
With traces of blood he dangled on the stable thread and left no unpleasant scent impression.

But finally to the test:
I spray and instantly I am in the dentist's chair.
"Now, please rinse out your mouth once more," I hear my doctor say.
Aldehydes in their purest form have an effect on me and I think I can almost taste a mouthwash.
Certain doubts arise as to whether I have just perfumed or disinfected myself.
After an hour, the fragrance becomes a little softer, which may be due to the coconut milk. Is there any resemblance to Chanel No. 5 ?
No, this thought only germinates very briefly in me, which may be due to the aldehydes.
Dent de Lait has nothing citric, nothing flowery, nothing creamy.
If I notice a light almond note, it may be due to the benzaldehyde used, which is sweet almond.
Even after 2 hours Dent de Lait stagnates in his aldehyde presence.
There is no liveliness at all.
I almost wish for the blood chord to revive the whole thing, but I still miss it after hours.
There's nothing to save -
the perfume is clinically dead.

The comatose shelf life is quite decent.
6 hours at the wrist were possible with me, whereby the Sillage remains rather close to the body.
The SL - typical bottle fits perfectly this time. Could there be a good mouthwash in there?

No, my dear Monsieur Lutens,
i don't want to go through that treatment again.
The tooth is now finally extracted.

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8.0 6.0 6.0 6.0/10

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Very helpful Review    12
When was the last time you went to the dentist? Speak up!
Hello you fragrance freaks! D
Today I report about a newer Serge Lutens fragrance, which appeared last year, 2017. I haven't introduced Serge Lutens here in a long time, so it was time again. Soo... this one is now "Dent de Lait", which means milk tooth and the idea of it especially in combination with the given blood chord does not sound great... some would even find this a little disgusting.

However, something that doesn't sound so great doesn't necessarily always have to smell bad, but that will come to light. But the beginning of the description makes me shiver ("A little tired from playing around with my tongue for weeks to loosen my tooth...", brrr... what kind of description is that, please?),... because after all, I have had some heavy dental treatments behind me, and more will surely be waiting again, and this description makes me think of the more unpleasant sessions at the dentist,... bah.... something I can really do without. I think that's something we can all do without, except maybe Bill Murray, who is totally into waving murderous dentist instruments in his mouth to hurt him, which he likes (see in "The Little Horror Shop") :D

But once again enough babbled, once again see how the smell is here so ... maybe it is not so bad as one imagines it to be right now!...

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with a mix of sweet notes, flowers and aldehydes, while it has a slightly milky note and a few strange scents. These smell somehow cool, slightly metallic (is it the blood??) and a little later even emit a kind of scent, as if warm water would flow through older (copper) raw ones, for example when warming the heating, or showering in an older bath etc.. ... Well, at least with a little imagination it seems that way and you have to smell it exactly. However, this is not always so exactly smellable, since it smells sometimes more after the milk mix, and sometimes even after the mentioned, cool metallic smells.
I think that milk here means more coconut milk, which is a bit weak. I also smell sour-fresh notes,... something like roses and lemons, otherwise a little almond... and still a slight metal note.
Not much actually happens then. It remains largely as described, smells a little metallic-cool-unusual, not necessarily repulsively disgusting, but also not so great!

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is rather mediocre, not too strong, not soo weak, and probably best smells so close. The durability is above average, so it comes close to eight hours. It's okay!

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular, thin and high. On the front there is a large black label, which covers almost the entire front of the bottle and shows the name and logo. It has a round cover, unless you screw the spray head on it, so that you close it with a high, black and cylindrical cover. The bottle looks slightly simple, but is quite nice and handy.

Okay, first of all: The fragrance may not be as disgusting as you might expect from the description of the fragrance. But I don't think he's good either. Not at all. It is simply too special for me, and I simply don't like its scent, which takes getting used to, especially not as a perfume, which I would like to stick to me for a longer time.

However, this fragrance is particularly suitable for those who are looking for fragrances that are simply supposed to smell completely different, i.e. rather special, not commonplace, but also not niche, as these are now well known enough. So something new has to come, and this fragrance could be one of those fragrances that smell different enough to fulfil the wish for something "new",... well, nobody said that something completely different has to smell good too, he he he.

No, even if I don't find it too disgusting, I wouldn't be able to stand this scent for a long time, the scent is simply too exhausting and unpleasant for me in the long run. To a test I would recommend him however in any case, so that you must suffer also times as I ... ups, ... I meant, so that you can smell also times such a special smell as I :D
Well, for me there are better scents, and I'm glad I got this one behind me! Oh yes... by Serge Lutens himself I would recommend Five o'Clock au gingembre. And yeah, also because there's tea in it, of course :D
And if you don't really like tea, then a few more Serge Lutens fragrances that I personally liked would be these: Borneo 1834, Chergui, Gris Claire to name a few.

After all the christmassy sweet tooth I should go to the dentist again, you should do that too! In the past I had often neglected this and therefore had more painful treatments from time to time, which would have been unnecessary. So listen to me (or to your dentist) and go regularly to the control, I mean only well :)

Well then, have a nice evening and a nice weekend!
8.0 7.0 7.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    8
A bath in fine bath milk
I bought this Serge Lutens from 2017 as a small bottling a few months ago. In addition, the best known of the brand Chergui and Ambre Sultan. A great brand with high quality fragrances. I wanted to test this one based on the fragrance pyramid. Here are listed aldehydes, coconut milk, almonds and a naturally polarizing "blood chord". That's when secretions magnifiques come into your head. There are also other pyramids where heliotrope and incense are listed and the blood chord is listed as metallic note. On another side Cashmeran is still indicated with. What is really true is not important because you don't have to pay too much attention to the pyramid anyway.

The fragrance comes in a noble and SL-typical bottle. Not very unusual but just the typical trademark. Fits well in a noble bottle collection.
The milk tooth is advertised with the following slogan:
"A little tired from weeks of playing around with his tongue to loosen his tooth, the young wolf is eager to finally change from milk to blood.
I have loved you for a long time and will never forget you."
For many tasteless and disgusting, but for me not comparable to the Secretions magnifiques. There is also a lot of placebo effect present, which one would not have with the blind test. By and large, this fragrance reminds me of bath milk. Well-groomed, freshly bathed, clean. This milk note is very pleasant. Also comes across very creamy like an enveloping body lotion. I do not smell the coconut milk given here especially, but a pleasant discreet almond note is present here. But what stands in the foreground is this beautiful creamy milk note with foam bath and body lotion vibe. The blood chord here is perceptible as a slight metallic note, which gives deductions. Without it this one would be more pleasant, but disgust or something like that does not overcome me. Fortunately this note is rather in the background.
All in all a funny milk tooth idea, which sounds more disgusting than you can smell here. In contrast to the E.L.D.O. this is absolutely portable and absolutely daylight-suitable.
The performance is fine, but the Sillage is a bit weaker. At first good, later something about very close. For this type of scent, however, absolutely okay.
Unisex is fine, but in my opinion it is much better for the ladies. This fragrance goes well with a well-groomed appearance and elegant outfit.

One should not be influenced by the rather daring provocative concept and give this fragrance a chance.
3 Replies
9.0 9.0 10.0 2.0/10

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Less helpful Review    4
poisoned cherry brandy?
I've never smelled anything so horrible as a perfume. Metallic, icy, sharp. Something fruity and similar to cherry juice gradually rises to the fore from this, without it losing its biting spiciness. No other fragrance development. Associations of rancid oil and vomit come into my head from time to time. I never would have thought of coconut or almond. Awesome. Perhaps if you love to be hated and, as an immature boss, like to whip the employees who have been working for 12 hours through the unholy halls of a start-up company?
4 Replies
5.0 7.0 6.0/10

211 Reviews
Very helpful Review    8
Continuing the recent Lutens' style of clean aldehyde and abstract sweetness...
Dent de Lait opens on my skin with pristine almond and aldehyde. The almond here is at first slightly bitter, and mostly clean and blanched. The aldehyde doesn't appear overly metallic to my nose, but rather mineral, fizzy, even glassy, reminiscent of those in Laine de Verre. The whole is like white flaked almond in a crystal bowl.

A honeyed milkiness, and a sweet-tart rosy powder soon emerge like a swirl, slowly devouring the distinct characteristics of almond and aldehyde, until all parts of Dent de Lait merge into an abstract, clean, rosy almond milky musky powder in the dry down, and remain so until it entirely fades away.

The sillage is moderate to soft, and the longevity is around 8 hours on me.

Dent de Lait is very much in line with Lutens' style in recent years, with clean, cold, metallic/mineral aldehyde and an abstract, streamlined evolution. After reading Sophie's review on Fragrantica, the rosy almond powder does remind me of Rahat Loukoum and Louve, but Dent de Lait in relation to those two, are more like La Religieuse compared to A La Nuit and Sarrasins.

While the contrast between cold aldehyde, and suave almond and milky sweetness is genuinely intriguing to my nose, my main gripe towards Dent de Lait is its lack of depth and evolution in the dry down. Without any earthy, woody notes to keep up the intriguing dynamics of sharp and soft, the clean sweet powder appears monolithic and repetitive with time.

Regarding the somewhat strange theme, Dent de Lait only interprets it metaphorically. Personally, I don't detect any animalic or salty notes to evoke blood. Hell, I even wore it to the dentist's one day, and still can't make a literal link. And the aldehyde here is simply too crystalline; for a more violent metallic note contrasting with gourmand notes, I think L'Artisan Parfumeur Amour Nocturne and Deliria, and Lutens' own Baptême du Feu might fare better.

Therefore, if you enjoy the latest Lutens' style of clean, abstract, sweet musky powder and the glassy aldehyde, and would like a slightly more gourmand variation, I would encourage you to overlook the weird theme and give it a try. However, if you miss Lutens' previous dark, oriental style dearly, I'm afraid that Dent de Lait would probably not be able to bring any comfort.
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Horses434 158 days ago
Scent is metallic on me. The aldehydes are nice, once this dries down it is not nice on my skin. Does not blend into my natural body scent+1

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