L'Eau Froide (2012)

L'Eau Froide by Serge Lutens
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L'Eau Froide is a perfume by Serge Lutens for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is fresh-spicy. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Spices, Mineral notes, Pepper, Sweet notes, Frankincense



6.9 (190 Ratings)


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484 Reviews
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l'Eau Froide
When I read Sanchez/Turin The Guide I was taken by the idea mentioned in the review of Equipage. It was said to be fashioned after the scent of cold pipe. My mind went to plumbing. The image stuck with me long after I put the review down. Over the course of time, it dawned on me that Turin had meant the kind of pipe you smoke. Not too bright, I know, but it did make me seek out Hermès Equipage, a fragrance I loved from first sniff.

But Serge Lutens has redeemed me! He has made a fragrance that smells like condensation on cold metal pipes. L'Eau Froide smells like cold metal, it smells like a stony brook in autumn, it smells like drinking melted water from a metal camping cup in winter. It's made if frankincense, but it smells like snow.

We use the expression 'skin scent' as a placeholder for a perfume's later stages of coziness, quiet and low sillage. It’s when the scent has faded to the point that you must jam your nose to your wrist to make it out, at which time you're actually smelling your own skin far more than the perfume applied 12 hours prior. 'Skin scent' coziness can be applied to almost any perfume, but it will never be used to refer to l'Eau Froide. L'Eau Froide points out that the scent of live warmth is the true olfactory association with skin, as if we can smell the blood within the flesh.

L'Eau Froide might pass as the scent of a marble bust, but that is as close as it comes to flesh. You'll never mistake it for a skin scent.

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7.5 5.0 7.5 5.0/10

220 Reviews
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A Joker?
In a card game, a joker is a playing card that can replace any other. Giving a look at the reviews on the German Parfumo, I get the impression that also L'Eau Froide might act like a joker: everybody seems to see something different in it. I would like to support one statement that described L'Eau Froide as a spicy fir resin note – but with rather a sharp vinegar note in the top notes instead of citruses.

To me, L'Eau Froide very much resembles the scent of spruce needle bubble bath of which I used to happily splash about in the bath tub when I was a little boy. And without remorse I would have filched from mama's perfume board if L'Eau Froide would have been available at that time. But being a grown up man, reminding my fellow human beings about that by wearing such a perfume is a different matter.

It may not be fair to denounce L'Eau Froide as bubble bath. Indeed, it is just close to it – but it is these pictures that one can come close to those new molecules from obscure laboratories which I suppose being used here. We should not take the released scent notes too literally.

Difficult to judge about L'Eau Froide: On one hand it is a great scent experience that surely will attract impulse buyers. On the other hand L'Eau Froide is in a strange way inanimate – just as lifeless as a perfume usually is that consists mainly of one single synthetic molecule. Inanimateness against liveliness, chemical science against artistry – whoever appreciates the scent of coniferous forests in his perfume should take the effort to compare L'Eau Froide with the old classic Acqua di Selva!
5.0 5.0 7.5 7.0/10

49 Reviews
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L'eau Froide by Serge Lutens
The wait is officially over and it was a very long winter anticipating more "cool" to come from Serge Lutens, but well worth the wait. I just went the whole day wearing the new eau de parfum release from Serge Lutens called L'eau Froide. Directly translated, L'eau Froide means "Cold Water". L'eau Froide is the second in Lutens' thematic "water" series, the first being L'eau Serge Lutens. It appears that Lutens wanted L'eau Serge Lutens, released in 2010, to be an "anti-perfume" and as fresh as a laundered shirt. Lutens made the following statement about L'eau Serge Lutens

"When I presented L'eau to my team, I felt like Saint-Just informing the nobles they were going to lose their privileges"

Prior to laying my hands on this hot new property from the king of spice, I was trying to conjure up an image in my mind of this fragrance's note structure. L'eau Froide was kept well under wraps and very little information was released, except for only a single note discussed, and that note was frankincense. Not surprising for the spice and incense master, but how will this frankincense note translate into a "cool" fragrance?

When we hear the word frankincense, we usually associate it with the burnt variety, but Lutens' L'eau Froide is incense in its resinous state with base notes dabbling in the white musk range. This "cool" fragrance is not one of icebergs and glaciers, but the sense of coolness that can be evident in Somalian incense blended with aromatics or mineral note. When we think of "cool" in the abstract form, it might also suggest aldehyde or crisp eucalyptus notes or even mint.

The opening is reminiscent of smell of pure cool water that is laced with a light herbal or perhaps mineral quality and a small bit of citrus. This freshness is aquatic and interestingly refreshing. The opening continues to metamorphose with slightly peppery notes and traces of frankincense, which makes L'eau Froide an interesting sensory experience. The heart presents a cool refreshing mint note that appears to have been rescued from a blazing forest fire just before being engulfed in flames. L'eau Froide is by no means a complex fragrance. The base notes tread dangerously close to the soapy arena but the resinous frankincense seems to keep them in check. A fresh aromatic pine or even a green woody note blends softly with the smoky mint, giving a strangely clean sensibility. A few have complained about the longevity of L'eau Froide but my wearings have got me a hefty 8-10 hours of longevity.

Few people have been accepting of this new philosophy from someone who build a reputation for deep, dark and spicy scents. This series seems to be the direct opposite of Lutens' previous fragrances, and maybe that's his intention. L'eau Froide is quiet and somewhat reserved and has a subtle cleanness about it. It is easily wearable in an office environment without offending even the most delicate of senses. The consensus is that Serge Lutens created his two "Water" fragrances to appeal to the ever-popular "clean scent" customer, and to cash in on the demand. Perhaps he did, but L'eau Froide carries Serge Lutens' heavy-handed and very unusual signature. Anyone who knows his fragrances well enough would recognize L'eau Froide to be Serge Lutens' creation.
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58 Reviews
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Cool incense on top of a transparent white musk
L'eau Froide opens with aldehydes, mint, lemon and ginger. In a few moments, I also got a light whiff of pepper from this fragrance. That's a lot going on up front, but it serves to set a mood. Serge Lutens is signaling that this is his take on a "clean, fresh" fragrance. And then... the frankincense. A cool, fresh incense note, wending its way up, and becoming more prominent as the citrus and spices recede. Cool and fresh incense? Yes, for about three hours on me. And I enjoy those hours very much.

And then it fades to that light, "clean" skin scent found in all of those transparent white musk fragrances that were so popular a few years ago.
It's that part of the drydown that makes me wonder whether Monsieur Lutens is laughing at everyone who buys a bottle of this stuff.

I say reapply every three hours instead, and keep that incense going.


Pietros921 2 years ago
Unique smell, distinctive..+1

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