Le participe passé by Serge Lutens

Le participe passé 2018

16.06.2021 - 09:17 PM


Definitely i'm obsessed with this one.
It has something that draws you into its nets and won't let you go.
Until now i've tested many from Serge and I'm happy that i discovered another favorite fragrance from this wonderful house.
It opens with notes of artemisia and bergamot.The middle opens with fruity notes and pepper.At the base we will be expected Egyptian balm, caramel, resins, cumin, leather and patchouli.
The projection and the sillage are huge! On my skin it lasts for several hours.The leather and the caramel notes are a delight for the senses.
This beauty scent went straight into my top 5 from Litens house and will stay there!?
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