Chergui (Eau de Parfum) by Serge Lutens

Chergui 2001 Eau de Parfum

18.11.2021 - 04:20 PM

It smells like Christmas!

I blind bought this perfume from the ratings and the reviews...In Greece we dont have Serge Lutens ANYWHERE to test them, so I was like "how wrong can 1175 ratings be"??

It is a difficult and complex perfume and a mature one. Its not easy going or mass appealing. The first smell got me confused...I thought I was smelling lavender which I hate in perfumes and didnt know what to think. As it settled on my skin, I realized that it smells like Christmas. I remember when I was younger and we were preparing for Christmas holidays, we unpacked the Christmas decorations that we stored in boxes filled with cloth flower scented sackets, that had a bit of dust from the cellar they were stored, the fireplace was warming the atmosphere, rose candles were burning and Christmas sweets with honey were always on the table. This is the picture I got on my mind when I realised how this perfume smells.

I would characterize it as a honey dusty tobacco - rose scent. It is a very mature and atmospheric scent, for experienced noses! I wouldnt recommend a blind buy unless you are into niche perfumes. Its totally unisex and for cold weather only!!

My bf said that it smells like Fan your flames by Nishane combined with Angels share by Kilian and I believe it is also a great way to make someone understand how it smells.

Hope my experience helped you understand how beautiful this perfume is.

Be safe smell great!!


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