Chergui (Eau de Parfum) by Serge Lutens

Chergui 2001 Eau de Parfum

03.05.2022 - 04:32 PM

Romantic and mysterious

Of course, if you are a perfume lover and have watched at least top 10 Niche you will know that Chergui comes again and again in the top half.

I purchased my first sample ever from a sharing on Parfumo and it was a Chergui 10ml .. what a beautiful scent and with a mystery around it. The sweetness combined with the hay and honey, tobacco .. are just to die for.

I think it is so special, that it´s even detrimental to it, unfortunately .. because other than a date with plans for later, I do not see where it would go very well worn.

It is very romantic, close to the bubble, do not project much but stays for many hours present .. at least my bottle, most likely reformulated.

I hope you will enjoy my short presentation of this scent and also maybe you wonder in the same way as I do: why there is no refill from Serge Lutens, the bottle is refillable but they do not offer this option - strange.

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