Koto / 琴 (Eau de Cologne) by Shiseido / 資生堂

Koto 1967 Eau de Cologne

10.01.2016 - 12:46 AM
Helpful Review

subtle, gentle and elegant fragrance.

I blind bought and I don't regret it. Koto is now one of my favorite scents. This chypre green, slightly bitter because of the narcisse in his components is very subtle and with a good longevity and this is noticeable, since is eau de cologne formulation. I heard it is quite similar to Catherine Deneuve eau de parfum (discontinued),
Paco Rabanne Metal and YSL Y, I could never smell these 3 perfumes, so I don't know.
I think Koto can be worn all seasons, very good for office wear, because is a fragrance that won't offend anybody.

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