White Rose / 白薔薇 / Shirobara by Shiseido / 資生堂

White Rose 白薔薇 / Shirobara 1917

16.08.2021 - 03:21 PM

Rose, rose and more rose...

I am testing a sample of the parfum version.

Intense, wet, dewy, fresh-from-the-bush rose. If it's white or another colour, I cannot really tell. If you love rose perfumes and especially rose soliflores, you will probably love this. Personally, I prefer the rose note in combination with other notes, making it a rose chypre, a rose oriental, a spicy rose... something like that. Only rose is too intense for me. Beautiful, but just too much - I almost feel as if there is no air left to breathe in. Also, I am reminded very much of all the rose perfumes and other rose-scented products I remember from the early 80s - I collected scented rose erasers, and yes, there is a similarity. No offence to Shiseido White Rose. It's really lovely, but probably best suited for the dedicated rose fans.
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