Eau Tropicale by Sisley

Eau Tropicale 2014

21.05.2014 - 10:58 PM

Tropical Whisper

My bottle was a birthday gift and the Sisley name with the promise of a tropical scent intrigued me at first glance.
At first spray a blast of fresh mint & peppery spices seem to welcome my nose - I assume the ginger is a spicy one and works well with the bergamot note to provide this burst of freshness. After about 20 minutes it mellows and becomes smooth and sweeter, I can now sense the passion fruit, hibiscus & cedar also coming through the spices. And even a hint of patchouli is not amiss to my nose.

"Eau Tropicale" has definitely an unusual beginning and it's a hard scent to classify. I like it because it's not like anything I can recall owning. Its supposed to emulate a tropical forest after a rainstorm, but to me it smells more like a botanical garden in the early morning hours of dawn when the dew covered fauna is getting ready to welcome the first rays of sunshine. It's a fun & unusual scent, but not unusual enough for me to justify its price tag.

Silage is: Minty flowers about to bloom - Longevity is: A bit disappointing with a 4-5 hours in which it mellows out significantly and becomes a close to the skin whisper of flowers & spices that are a bit sleepy.

A must try if you're looking for something that doesn't smell mainstream and your birthday is coming up - Enjoy! :)

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