Eau de CampagneCountry Water (1974)

Eau de Campagne / Country Water by Sisley
Bottle Design Jean Desprez
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Eau de Campagne is a perfume by Sisley for women and men and was released in 1974. The scent is green-fresh. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBasil, Bergamot, Galbanum, Wild grasses, Lemon
Heart Notes Heart NotesGeranium, Jasmine, Lily-of-the-valley, Plum, Tomato leaf
Base Notes Base NotesOakmoss, Musk, Patchouli, Vetiver



7.2 (197 Ratings)


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5.5 (130 Ratings)
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7.0 7.0 7.0 8.0/10

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Helpful Review    14
in late summer
Yesterday autumn was already knocking discreetly on the door, and today I pulled the soft leather jacket out of the closet as a precaution.

The sun was carefully shining out of the clouds and I felt well prepared for the weather.
But suddenly the sky ripped open and il sole did her best.
We could no longer speak of autumn - rather of a committed late summer day.

A weather for us - Indian summer, the girlfriend joked.

So I dragged myself overdressed to the fragrance stand, and bravely grabbed Campagne.
Cologne-like herb - fresh it blows around me - just right for my heated condition.

A men's fragrance?
No, a lady's scent - informs me the nice salesgirl.
We were both right, because Campagne is quite unisex.

Light lemon blends with green grasses and invigorates the senses.
The tomato leaf shines through aromatically and the flowery parts are soft.
Oak moss and patchouli, fortified by vetiver, provide a bitter taste without bitterness.
Nevertheless, Campagne remains light and transparent.

In the summer this Eau will also have its appearance, but it fits for me perfectly in the late summer, and also in the autumn
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5.0 5.0 7.5 9.0/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    39
Smells like Trudchen's gooseberry pie!
Well, who do you see?
Today with offspring untawejens?
Take a seat, Mr. Jeheimrat, and put the filius in it, we'll just do it It's not like Korianke doesn't have two hairstyles...

What's that supposed to mean?
Like imma? Fassongk? Shave jefällich?
Aba jern, aba jleich ...

And the Junjoor? Dit Jleiche? So until the shave, it takes another one, two years, think to me ...
Yes, junga man, for you can come to the olln corianke, for I'll make you that as dead as I made your chin like Papa's.
Jeb ick you my word. Korianke always at your service!

If Mr Jeheimrat jestatten - nu bin ick aba really almost jerührt with eene Träne int Knopploch, dit you eene Familjentraditzjohn from the visit to my kleen Salongk make ...

A popo Traditzjohn ...
Käffchen...? Cream...? Zucka?
Aba jern, aba jleich ...

Un for the Junjoor? Chocolate choc-choc? Yes...? Aba, clear my head! Well, then can et ja losjehn ... where is nu wieda then the scissors? Laach doch jrade still here ...
Oh, there you are.

First take ick me ma Mr. Jeheimrat before, if I jestatten, because you can see ttaher, how ick your Filijus schnieke make.

I've been thinking to myself, corianche, I've been thinking to myself, to this serious hairdressing trade, but the art of being there for the customers and always so, that the former clientele is very satisfied Dit jehört just like that.
A popo jehört, dit sieht ja ein blinda Frisöhr mitn Krückstock, dit die junge Mann da zu Herrn Jeheimrat jehört. Clearly, he has jeerbt Mr. Jeheimrats prominent Karackterkopp, if ick may allow me the remark ...

Where was ick...?
Oh, so, sniff up an art.
As Mr. Jeheimrat knows, the noble art of barbers has already become a part of it, to delight our former customers with good smells.
Man is a man who is afflicted with numerous senses and gifted with Weesn. And the sense of Jeruch is eena of the most important ones.
Without Jeruchssinn could be nüscht taste, and dit would be terrible!
Could Mr. Jeheimrat imagine that without Jeruchy's sense, he wouldn't be able to taste the Jeringstepp of Trudchen's gooseberry cake? So ick won't paint me dit lieba.

A popo ... Trudchen just got back this morning, didn't she? May you and your Junjoor open a piece to the public ...?

Sehnse, dit ist wat richtich Jutet. Yes, I am sure you would agree that your self-confidence is very much appreciated, but what you can find out about the clay remedy business of son Koofmich ...

What do you mean, junga man?
Na dit pleased me aba! For long still to, kiek ma, ick do you still pieces uffn Tella ... no, no, no, it's that!

Aba ick please you, Mr. Jeheimrat, if you like the Filijus, because you should eat it. Jloomse me, Trudchen would be delighted, if you would see Spörßlingk spattling!

How do you like ...??
Yeah, it's an aroma, isn't it? Janz of course un anjenehm.
Not too sweet ...

Dit brings me an idea. I've heard of my swash swash brother-in-law, but Flakongk is a good swashbuckler.
If a Momang is to be tolerated, Mr. Jeheimrat, ick am jleich wieda with you ...

Well, there's some jute pieces, though.
Yeah, well, that's what Classical, Frenchet is. Parlewuh frankzeeh as et so beautifully hot.
Green etiquette, and it smells like this Jebräu ooch.

Ohde Kampannje hamset benamst. Heeze as ville as water from uffn land ...

Oh, the Junjoor...? Aba, check it out, ick can get you ma einpüstan. Kiek, Mr. Daddy smells so nice when he comes from the olln corianche? # And now you want to go # #
The child can jeholfn wern.
If Mr. Jeheimrat jestatten ...??

So, dit jeht los with so bißken Kräuta, ehmt in the Jarten waxe meadow. Can you sniff out...? Yeah, that's the best right thing, dit is Brasilijum.
With ville lemon, janz jenau. This other stuff, whatever it is, is berjamot.
Dad has already explained to you what dit is...?
Well you put your Filijus aba jut and timely inne trace, Mr. Jeheimrat!

Where was ick...?
Oh so, Berjamotte ...
You see, in the heart note, as we perfume-educated experts call it, there is also this or that flower. I couldn't tell what this is all about. If Jassmiehn is to be, eena jeflüstat, who must know et cen, has brought me. And Maijlöckchen shall still ring the bell.
Laughing, the Junjoor ...

What do you think, Mr. Jeheimrat?
So eat!
Jarten fragrance! Aba holla the wood fairy!
The most common way is to snip the tomato leaf into the Jebräu ooch. And that makes this watering so green and fresh, that everyone thinks nu stehta mittenmang int Jrüne un hat ne rake inne Hand.
Tomato leaf, so ick would never be there in clay druff jekomm ... aba ick think it's wonderful! How dit smells!

Yeah, but the junjoor's got his eye on it too, I see.
Green, garden, sun, trees ... man can let his soul dangle.
Wenna eene hat.

Dit Bittre...? This stuff is called oakmoss. Yes, yes, that's what it is. Grows on the boom and becomes there jeflückt and then ejekwetscht un imma rin in dit Parföngk.

Richtich, my boy. To a garden belongs yoke yoke vegetables, aba yoke yoke fruit. And trees and bushes. Like my gooseberry bushes.
I got it with the gooseberries ...

As you like, Mr. Jeheimrat?
Aba sicha! To a young boy in a garden a little coffee and a big piece of cake. Oda ooch zwee ... un for mir darf et jerne Gooseberrykuchn sein.
Yeah, to Trudchen's gooseberry pie keena nee.

We would like to offer you a young haircut - please keep still for a short time, because you can take off your styling bib - but you can also get a fine and classic fragrance for the gentleman of the world.
There must be Fohrbilt for the young Jeneratzjoon!
She's supposed to be educated... un dit jeht nu ma nicht ohne Fohrbilt.

Sehnse, un dit watererken here is in the Jrunde the same fragrance as Trudchen's gooseberry cake.
Een righttija classics!
Sehnse, there the young Jeneratzjoon nods, because I did not only learn what to do, but also leckken Kuchn verkasematuckelt bite.

And so that it may not break all its order, the Lord will still be Papa but one more time. What about it, junga man?
Da issa bejeistat ...

So, Mr. Jeheimrat, nochn Spritzerken uff dit andre Handjelenk?
Aba jern, aba jleich ...

Jenießense ma dit frische Jrün von die Kräutas, ick judge as long as your Filijus die Koaffüre.
If in the meantime you still need to eat more pieces of cake ...?
Yeah, he's aba ooch lecka.
Thank you, you'll get a message from Trudchen, she'll be a friend ...

So, look, nu hamwa in no time at all, but the Junjoor like a Frisuhr hinjezaubat, ditta wien man looks.
Janz like Father ...

Aba jewiß, Mr. Jeheimrat. How imma are your coaffle and dit fragrances a fragrant Angkzambel.
Since jeb ick you my word druff, so true ick Korianke heeße!

Most binding thanks, Mr. Jeheimrat!
Hourn me soon wieda!
Bringse ruhiche ooch nächstet times the Filijus with, damitta not vawildat around Kopp ...

And greetings to Mrs. Yemahlte!
28 Replies
5.0 2.5 5.0 10.0/10

54 Reviews
Green, Green, Green!
This is another Jean-Claude Ellena creation I love. It's classed as a floral chypre, but it is a very green one. It opens with citrus and galbanum, very sharp and right on the verge of bitter especially as the tomato leaf appears. It turns a bit sweeter in the heart with jasmine and lily of the valley, basil keeps it green. The patchouli, vetiver and oakmoss give an elegant base. It's a grassy herbal fragrance, and you get the entire country meadow - grass, weeds, herbal vegetation and a whisper of wildflowers. I do wish it had better longevity, it lasts about 2 hours on me, however when I use the shower gel and body lotion with it I get 4 to 5.
2.5 2.5 8.0/10

679 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
Ellena's Excellent Take On The Countryside...
Eau de Campagne opens with a gorgeous tomato leaf note supported by other herbal green notes evoking a fresh day out in the Spring countryside surrounded by vegetation. It is super fresh, and really pleasant smelling. The scent then turns slightly soapy clean, mixing with the now subdued tomato leaf creating the heart notes. The scent is relatively short lived (as you might expect from an Eau de Cologne), with minimal projection.

Eau de Campagne has got to be Jean-Claude Ellena's best work outside his masterpiece, Terre d'Hermès. Here, he shows his early skill in perfectly presenting the smell of a countryside meadow and it's associated gardens. It is a minimalist but impressive composition that rightly went a long way in putting him in the top tier of noses when it was first released. I wish the longevity was greater, the bottle more interesting and the price lower, but Eau de Campagne is a superb classic EdC that merits everyone give it a sniff, and certainly it is full bottle worthy. 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5.

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