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Izia is a perfume by Sisley for women and was released in 2017. The scent is floral-citrusy. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesAldehydes, Calabrian white bergamot, Pink pepper
Heart Notes Heart NotesRose, Jasmine, Peony, Lily-of-the-valley, Angelica
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Musk, Cedar



7.4 (138 Ratings)


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Submitted by OPomone, last update on 07.11.2019.
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Greatly helpful Review    13
After the church a wonderful summer day
Among many other things I also appreciate cultural aspects very much.
So, for example, I also like visiting interesting exhibitions or museums, as well as ...churches! ... Yes, also churches or mosques, etc. belong to it!

The older and bigger they get, the more reverence and respect they instill in me - respect for the architecture, the early architects and people who came up with all this and also for those who built them up to dizzying heights and decorated them with paintings and decorations down to the last detail. Again and again I am confronted with the question of how many people may have already been here, in which respective times, why and on what occasion they came, in all the many past years and centuries. The often perceptible standing air sometimes even contributes to the assumption that they are still all somehow around me.

I see churches in principle as places of peace, of silence. They have a natural coolness at any time of the year, no bright light, often there is a discreet scent of incense in the air. Mental relaxation pure actually, opportunities for a brief pause and become one with yourself.

Izia" totally gets me into this atmosphere, right from the first test.
Each time with the application I feel right away-teleported away with every first breeze that is influenced by Izia.

At the beginning I feel pure "frankincense", as if an altar boy, swiveling the corresponding vessel, is standing right next to me. The intensity lasts for the first moments, but then it diminishes more and more, as if I were moving away from the place of the ceremonial action into outer spheres, but not completely leaving it.
After the ceremony I leave the church and when I step outside it is bright summer and sunshine, and I do not step onto the street, but into a lemon grove under permanent light swirls of air. Warm, not hot, but more intense the further I go in. The incense accompanies me as if it had still got stuck in the clothes, had become part of them.

The further the path leads me, the sun leans towards the horizon and I stop, because something changes. The scent of lemons recedes and I think I can perceive roses. I'm looking for it, with my nose on my wrist, are they really roses? I think so and I'll go further, just a few steps at first. And soon the moment becomes increasingly magical, right here where I want to stay for a long time, right on the border where rose and citrus balance each other out, it becomes indifferent for me between the two.
Where should I move on, one more step back again, or still forward - or maybe to the side, but where, left or right?!
How trapped, unmoved, I suddenly perceive a slight sweetness, is rather flowery or somehow vanilla-like, but where does she want to come from?

I want to sit down on the ground and touch everything around me, to smell, to sniff what exactly gives me these moments. I don't want to leave either, absolutely not, this is where I belong, right now. I turn around again, the church and the incense, puffs of it are still there.
The sun has long since fallen below the horizon and yet it still warms me, because the scent of roses is beginning to take hold of the situation, the fresh lemon scent is giving way more and more.
"Abaq" - my beloved Abaq, is that you?! No, why should I?
It gets cooler and the wind freshens up a bit. Again and again I put my wrist to my nose. The magical moment from earlier seems to be over, but I don't necessarily miss it. Everything now suddenly appears more set, more earthy, is soothing, enveloped in sweet warmth, surrounded by peace, silence and serenity.

Now I would like to go home and let this wonderful summer day experience end there, exactly as I feel it now. And even now everything seems to be still there, somehow swinging along - even because some hours have passed in the meantime.
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7.0 6.0 7.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    21
the nickname of the Doyenne
Isabelle d'Ornano, over eighty years old, still runs the perfume branch of the family business Sisley.
What a woman who has headed this family since the death of her husband Hubert in 2015.
For centuries, the Corsican branch of the family "supplied" French kings and emperors with numerous brave marshals.
Even if not every French Marshal could become King of Sweden, like Jean Baptiste Bernadotte. As King Charles XIV of Sweden, with his legendary wife Desirée, the silk merchant's daughter from Marseille, née Clary, he founded the royal house that is still so popular today.
I love Crown Princess Victoria with her wonderful family.
The Ornano family did not become king, but Philippe-Antoine d'Ornano married Maria Walewska in 1816. It is well known that the beautiful Polish woman had twisted Napoleon I's head so much that for a long time she was his preferred mistress. And as this she had to be naturally supplied.
This marriage, her second, lasted only from 1816-17.
These were the ancestors of Hubert d'Ornano, who with his Polish wife Isabelle Potocka, daughter of Count Joseph Potocki and Princess Christine Radziwill ("small - small" does not exist with this family!)
1976 bought the small cosmetics company Sisley and turned it into a global corporation.
"Beauty that should be shared", is the title of Hubert d'Ornano's book, is in the blood of this family.
Already in 1935 his father Guilaume d'Ornano took over the legacy of the legendary Francois Coty.
He and three other shareholders name the company "Lanscome", which was founded from this legacy, after an idyllically situated country house of the family d'Ornano.
However, a Parisian pharmacist claims this name for himself and so "Lanscome" eventually becomes "Lancôme".
More details about this great family and also other interesting biographies of great women can be found in the beautiful book "Parfum - Frauen in der Welt der Düfte" by Bettina de Cosnac - also she a countess.
She has studied the history of women as perfumers. For too long it was a purely male domain, which is only slowly being conquered by women. But all the more successful.
For every perfume-interested, and who is not there here, it is worthwhile itself to read this book and perhaps also, like me, to enjoy the many beautiful photos.
If I hadn't shaken a whole cup of coffee with milk over this book shortly after the arrival of the beautiful volume, it would have been even nicer!
Now it's a real "flaw copy"!

But now finally to the fragrance - to "Izia": Izia is the nickname of Isabelle d'Ornano.
The scent of a rose is particularly appealing to her: a climbing rose that blooms only two weeks in May. However, the heavier the perfume, the more it spreads and thus displaces any other fragrance.
She brought this unique rose with her as a reminder of the rose gardens of the former family castle in Poland.
The name of this rose is not known, despite intensive research by rose breeders.
So the fragrance of this "Rose d'Ornano" for Isabelle is the embodiment of the rose from her favorite book "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - see there.

For more than twenty years different "noses" have been working on the fragrance "Izia", which this rose essence carries, with interruptions.
The countess wore this fragrance herself in the various stages of development; but she agreed with her husband Hubert somewhat disappointed that his time was not yet ripe.
He was never forgotten; he had dug himself deep into her nose and heart.
But it was 2017 until "Izia" finally came on the market. Launched by a surrealistic, daring poster showing Isabelle's niece Sonia as an elfish girl in a golden moon: in her hands, of course, the "Izia" bottle: signed by Isabelle herself.

As with all Sisley fragrances, it took me some time to warm up with "Izia".
Only with "Soir d'Orient" I immediately managed to get over a certain "bite" in the Entrée.
Also "Izia" possesses this for me, until the radiance of the aldehydes, strengthened by aromatic pink pepper and a nice dose of bergamot (whose color does not reveal itself to my sense of smell) develops very lively Maybe the currently prevailing summer heat also plays a role so that this scent can finally develop properly with me and does not "stop" somewhere on the way.
A wonderful flower garden then opens up for me, with Angelica at first in charge, until the "Rose d'Ornano" develops in its full fragrant splendour. She remains dominant until the end.
The base note finally lends this fragrance composition an extremely feminine sensuality/eroticism.
Amber and musk are not squeamish, the spicy cedar does not remain in the background.
This is how a very special rose fragrance develops, which will please every lover of this flower queen. "Izia" does not tolerate other scents next to her.

I, too, have finally found my way to "Izia", although my "great time" with rose scents is over. I still love roses very much in all "degrees of ripeness" and varieties on the shrub, but I don't wear rose scents too often myself anymore. We have grown apart - perhaps also due to our age.
That's a good thing: life goes on and a new adventure awaits you around every corner - especially in our exciting world of fragrances!

A daughter of my girlfriend is friends with a creative Sisley employee and so I am provided with the great scents (even if they are not always suitable for me) and the wonderful "Black Rose" serum.
Here is the "Black Rose", especially for stressed or stressed skin, a true blessing and almost a miracle cure. After a short time of application, the face radiates energy and freshness again.
But only on the side.

"Izia" should be renewed after a few hours (perhaps in the course of an evening); the full aroma doesn't last too long with me; then weakens slightly to finally leave only a trace of the original fragrance.
The "Izia" bottle is based on this rose blossom and is already a popular collector's item.
It alternates between pink and yellow, with the respective incidence of light playing a major role.

After "Izia" and I finally found each other, I experience here a beautiful rose scent, which has all the love and the heart blood of this great woman.
A perfume that likes to wear such a personality often speaks to a lot of women.
Because this woman is still completely "woman" and therefore knows our desires.

So if it comes to a rosy contact in the near future, it could well be "Izia".
Let yourself be enchanted, because love and life stories carry this great rose fragrance in themselves:
that makes it even more valuable to us women!
9 Replies
7.0 7.0 10.0 7.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    22
Like my mother's rose oil
I went to a perfumery to dye my eye hair. I tried to be firm and not buy perfume. In vain, of course. When I could no longer resist, I announced that I still needed something powdery, something with violet or iris. What do you mean, need... but no matter. Then numerous strips of paper were sprayed with powdery stuff but I guess I didn't seem convinced and so we went over to non-powdery things, namely to Izia.

I found the top note besides citric quite green and I like green smells. I don't know what aldehydes were used for and so I can't say what I should have smelled. Bergamot is quite strong but the other scents remain present. The transition to the heart note is fluid. The bergamot slowly weakens and at the same time the rose becomes stronger.

This rose fragrance totally reminds me of a small bottle of rose oil that my mother used to carry around in her handbag and later put in the kitchen cupboard with her medicine. I once smelled the rose oil in secret. Rose tea from Dammann smells the same. I think it's Rosa odorata. Maybe an old-fashioned scent, but I always liked it.

The rose does not remain alone in the heart note, other flowers are added, but the rose remains dominant. After a few hours, the cedar comes to the fore. It's another smooth transition. The projection of the base note is extremely low.

I like the bottle itself, the colours are beautiful, like a rose that is yellow inside and pink outside. The bottle also lies well in the hand. The lid's all clunky. A plastic monster. Didn't have any money left to design the lid? The big "I" in the lettering is completely illegible. The clerk could also be a doctor. So I puzzled for a moment what I had acquired: "Szia? Uh no, there is no such thing."

I think Izia is more of a women's perfume, but frankly, if men wanted to wear it, I wouldn't stop them. I wear men's perfume all the time, too. Since I like Izia, both young and old people can wear it. When I don't like something, I always say it's for younger people. Because it must be something!

You can wear Izia I think on all occasions, except sports, because as you know it is murder. However, I will wear it mainly in my spare time and rather not for going out. Izia probably won't be able to do anything above 30°C, so nothing for the hardcore summer.

I still need something powdery now, though
2 Replies
9.0 6.0 6.0 7.0/10

320 Reviews
Everything seems perfect , but...
I've just tested this perfume and , looking at the precious bottle and thinking of the usual Sisley's quality, I was expecting a great perfume. It wasn't so. The scent is good and feminin, quite well balanced, but the sillage is weak and we are very far from the Sisley's masterpieces we usually know. The price is very high, but the product too light and commercial.
7.0 8.0 8.5/10

327 Reviews
Very helpful Review    3
Old Made New
What's new about this well-done floral from Sisley isn't the bright aldehydic, citrusy top or the amber, musk cedar base. It's the heart and its unusual rose accord from the Ornano rose cultivated in Isabelle d'Ornano's garden. Since her husband died, she heads the titled French family that co-created Lancôme, founded Sisley and charges us small fortunes for their lovely products. The Ornano rose blooms once a year for a short time and then its lemony, peary rosiness is gone. Angelica in the heart and pink pepper in the top underscore this is not your normal rose fragrance. It's fresh and interesting, combining the old and the new. It has good projection and longevity. This is the 4th Sisley fragrance I'll probably own. All are beautiful and reasonably affordable: Eu du Soir, a divine chypre created for Isabelle by her husband; Eau de Sisley 1, a citrusy green Jasmine for summer; and Eau de Tropicale, a refreshing fruity-floral. Izia may have been named after the French actress-rock singer Izia, who has been compared to Janis Joplin. I liked Joplin. I like Izia perfume, too.

Edit: I guessed wrong. Izia is a diminutive for Isabelle and how she signed her letters to her children.


Horses434 11 months ago
Lovely floral citrus with a bit of aldehydes and angelica at the top. It does make a bit different that the run of the mill summer citrus+2
Jazzy76 12 months ago
Pleasant flowery scent , but too light in comparison with the very high price. When I sprayed it I didn't smell the aldehydes and the pepper+1
Bcars10 2 years ago
The bottle is beautiful, and I did like the scent, but it was sadly gone in under two hours. So, for the price, that is simply unacceptable.+5

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