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Grev is a perfume by Slumberhouse for men and was released in 2009. The scent is resinous-woody. The longevity is above-average. The production was apparently discontinued.

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Josh Lobb

Fragrance Notes

Birch, Copaiva balsam, Spruce balsam, Clove, Orris root, Cedar



7.2 (30 Ratings)


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7.6 (25 Ratings)
Submitted by Formicula, last update on 04.01.2020.
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7.5 10.0 7.0/10

25 Reviews
An ear to ear smile
My first review on this, two years ago:
"I never expected for compliments on this one, yet I had! This was surprising for me, as its oddness in the opening had puzzled me. But, yes, after the notes settled down, the real experience began. And what an experience! Initial burst of cloves and spices seemed to be too much for me, but something was so appealing that the first friend I found (a lovely woman, about an hour after I had sprayed the fragrance) sniffed it while kissing me and just said: "wow! you smell so good!"
Herbs, balsamic also. What a hell of a brand Slumberhouse is becoming! Speechless.
(Do I have to say I stayed with a smile ear to ear that spring afternoon?)"

My final thoughts, today, after ending my sample: nothing has changed, except that the day I am testing it again is colder, and perhaps it is even better in this sunny day of winter!

Discontinued, as I read somewhere...I'll just add that I haven't tested the last launched scents from this house, and that I became confused for so many experiments and discontinuations. Are we consumers being the guinea pigs for Josh?
Josh, give us a break :)
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7.5 5.0/10

10 Reviews
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Woodcutters Perfume
I've had the chance to sample Grev several times now.

Frankly this is not the kind of juice to wear to impress women. It p*sses all over Black Aoud, and is the sort of stuff you might wear if you were going into the sketchy part of town and didn't want to get messed with. Kind of like what I picture the guys in the Mad Max movies wearing, if they wanted to get dressy.

It's strong and interesting in a way that I suspect few commercial frags would ever dare to be, and in a way where you smell it, but where it also feels like it might burn a hole in your wrist if you don't watch it with application.

I think it will be at it's best when it's colder than hell outside, and I'm off on my cross-country skis in the woods. It has an "out in the woods" kind of smell, but the sort where, once you reach the heart, you might smell if a recent and massive blow-down event had happened which had smashed all the pine and fir trees, trunks needles and all, to smithereens. Guys in the North who cut wood for their wood stoves will know what I mean, but stronger than that, and more like when you are walking around in the slash. Not cheerful and refreshing, but manly and somewhat aggressive.

It's not from France, is what I mean.

And with cloves.

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