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Jeke is a popular perfume by Slumberhouse for men and was released in 2008. The scent is smoky-spicy. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production.

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Josh Lobb

Fragrance Notes

Tobacco, Vanilla, Smoke, Labdanum, Patchouli, Honey, Clove



7.8 (117 Ratings)


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0 Reviews
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Helpful Review    5
Strange & unique vs. tame
Strange & Unique, that's what Slumberhouse uses for advertising. First of all, I'm a big fan of the house! This may also be due to the fact that I jump on the train incredibly fast when it says "Limited". Actually all fragrances by Josh Lobb are not available as standard. You have to be at the right place at the right time & have some (more) money left.
Still, so far, almost every Slumberhouse has convinced me. Generally notorious as atomic silage bombs, but I can only half sign this, or my nose has already smelled too much (it's going towards 40) ;) Anyway, in November (so far) you have the chance to buy some Slumberhouses. I needed Ore again, Jeke was my second choice! Unfortunately it was not available at Lulua, so it was ordered directly from USA! Shipping and customs I forget here times;)
Jeke was indeed a blind purchase! But for me, he's moving up into the premier league!
I read a lot! Some things were "scared"! I did not want to smell like a smoked ham, nor mutate into a Hulk! Thank goodness they both failed to appear I am not green & my sweater fits too! Smoky it begins nevertheless & not too close. But at the beginning I smell something sweet and sweet, makes the fragrance round! But I couldn't make out the note at first! Definitely has something cosy and warming in these short, dark days! Even typical slumberhouse DNA can be recognized! Now, 3 hours later, the sweetish, honey & vanilla dominates, coming through clearly and laying over the skin like a blanket!

I am very excited & glad that Jeke was chosen! He is different & yet suitable for everyday life!!!

If you have the chance, clear recommendation to buy!

I wish you all a happy New Year!
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10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    8
Should I turn the other cheek, too?
Pooh, that's heavy.

Testing such a scent would not have occurred to me at all, I didn't even know it yet.
A perfume company sent me this fragrance as a sample. Caligari, or better Alex knows however my sometimes daring Faibel for strong "Toubak".

Just for the possibility of testing once again many thanks.

In another comment Jeke is classified as unacceptable, which irritated me and at the same time made me cautious.

This morning I applied it sparingly with just one sprayer and travelled directly into the past.
I feel like I'm back in the 60's, a road construction machine is spreading fresh, hot tar on the road, I'm running after a little boy and take a nose or two of this smelling in swaths through the village.
Always hard at the limit to the unpleasant, I have stored this tar smell once and for all in my scent memory.

The prelude was therefore successful for me with regard to a "smell".
I've got to get to the freeway. The job is 400 km away.
Do I take the time to take a second shower after all?

Oh, what the hell, it's still a while until I have to pass in business.
After about an hour, I still haven't sniffed my fill, I feel warmth and satisfaction with this attempt.

Incredibly smoky, tarry, spicy.
Although not listed here, my nose is definitely made of birch tar. I like birch tar in leathery perfumes, provided the measure is kept.

Russian Juchten, as I know it, is against this brew a gentle breeze.
After 2 hours there are again and again fragrances of a strong and still slightly vanilla pipe smell added. An old pipe, one with a lot of "crust" which, when trying to clean it once and for all, leads to the fact that after the first plugging and lighting, parts of the fired wood also have their share in the smoky cloud. On the tongue this pipe burns however.

The carnation, which I like too much, comes with increasing dominance.
I've only got 10 km till I'm human. I've got to get through this. The cool fresh air supports the scent of the short walk from the parking lot to the office building to occupy the site.

I have survived the day confidently and confidently. A colleague dared to say, but today you are wearing an exceptionally strong fragrance.
I'm sure he's right, but I don't have to comment.

It is now 20 o'clock in the evening, I entered the office around 9 o'clock, Jeke was ordered this morning at 5 o'clock.

He's still there, performing hard, but tamer in the meantime.

I really like that smell a lot.

Is he unbearable? I think so. Will I wear this scent again in public? No!

Will I allow myself to indulge in him once in a while for old times' sake? Yeah, sure!

I just have to wait until my wife is on the road without me for a few days. One day is not enough, the scent must fly out of the house again.

"as my general used to say when he was really impressed.
And thanks again to Calgari for giving me just this one from his unbelievable fundus for testing. He just knows me
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18 Reviews
Sexy Man
Like the soft tobacco -- warm and pleasant. I tend to masculine scents (I am female) so I would have no problem wearing this. Smokey and spicy -- the notes blend well. Reminds me of RBR Embers and Papillon Anubis, both of which I love.

94 Reviews
Balsamic, spicy, leathery, powdery vanilla with smoky resinous tones. The vanilla isn't sweet, but is just enough to stop this being too far over the edge. A nice accord rather than a complete perfume, softer than I expected. It just seems to chug along like this with a little glow of a greenish incensey leathery scent popping out now and again to make you think of an ingredient you recognise, then gone before it gets pinpointed. I see now that is is the tea with patchouli.

This reminds me of a forest shadows, cool greens, musty ground and the remains of a camp fire smouldering. The warmth is still there but no flames. The remains of the frankfurters are burned now and their cade-like edge is still whispering. The smoke occasionally wafts over and obscures the softness. Then the night settles in, quietly obscuring the scene.

(2013 extrait sample)
10.0 10.0 10.0/10

327 Reviews
Love on 1st, 2nd & 3rd Sight
My first reaction when sniffing Jeke was: "Ohhh. Lovely leather, lovely wood, lovely oud?, or whatever they used to create the impression of newly turned earth after a rain, wet leather, autumn produce split open on the ground. This is a take-no-prisoners, musky masterpiece. Absolutely nothing disturbs my finicky nose. Applause, applause! It says, 'Go to the lake. Look. See that hand reaching from the sky to the lakeshore in the rain, grabbing clay and making man.' OR, think a Meerschaum pipe, a leather chair by a fire, and a very old Armagnac on a tray nearby. Not sure I'll wear this myself, maybe layer it with a floral, but I'm sure as heck slathering it on my guy. What's in it? Benzoin, patchouli, tobacco, Lapsang Souchong (looking it tea from the Fujian province of China, has a famously smoky aroma), vanilla, clove. Just tremendous!"

Comparing it to Norma Kamali's incense ($1000 or so a bottle), I said, "NK is the kind of destiny for which heroes give their lives. Jeke is life risen from their ashes to inhabit the earth in glory again. Perhaps tears are even coming to my eyes at the gift of experiencing such perfumes. I suppose I should look up the notes in Jeke again, look up those in Norma Kamali. No point. They are equal excellences, far transcending their ingredients. If I never own Norma Kamali, I am greatly comforted by owning Jeke."

Unfortunately, I can't wear Jeke alone. It's just too powerfully masculine, but I made a discovery. Layer Slumberhouse's latest, Zahd -- a sweet gourmand--, on top and I'm good to go, smelling like the Garden of Eden did when Eve and Adam first kissed.

I adore, adore Slumberhouse perfumes. Turns out my guy loves Vikt the most, so I have to hold the fort for Jeke, which I love most of all. It ought to be impossible to create a scent like Jeke, but somehow Slumberhouse did.
2.5 7.5 7.5 4.0/10

240 Reviews
Helpful Review    5
A Well Stocked Medicine Cabinet
For me Jeke is an experience in textures. It brings to mind the feeling of Band-Aid adhesive, antiseptic iodine tincture, Vaseline petroleum jelly, elastic an obscure apothycaric rubbery licorice cough drop. This chamber of oddities also includes a chewy note of dried candied figs on top, which dries down into old leather medical books, burnt rubber tires that exceed Bvlgari Black in both bitterness and intensity. The deeply aged pipe tobacco in a humidor- of a contemplative Professor- with a touch of soggy cigar lying in the gutter. I also detected a pinch of roasting pork loin in a sweet tomato-based sauce(?),rubbery floor mats, fluffy field mouse and Xerox copier toner. Given the simple notes listed, I know this sounds crazy...well, yes, it is! I found this first intriguing and then revolting and now I am not sure whether I need to scrub it or follow it down the rabbit hole further. Is this "sexy"? No. Is this an office appropriate scent? Only after you've given your two weeks notice and you just want everyone to know that you won't forget the fabulous jerkiousity (my new word!) they demonstrated during your time together. Where would I wear this? Most likely to a Monster truck Rally or perhaps to prison (so no where that I plan to ever actually go!). But it was a truly unique adventure, Indeed!
7.5 10.0 7.0/10

37 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
the scent of crusades
Jeke is cloves and camp-fire in the opening. The cloves go strong for about half an hour and after wearing it I read some reviews which all speak of a very pronounced medicinal quality in this. I would have agreed if I had stayed in this initial half hour. I have to wonder whether these people washed Jeke off before giving it a real chance because after this the camp-fire note becomes a ceremonial incense and a wonderful leather note appears. This is the spicy leather variety, in the same genre as Cuir Mauresque, but a bit darker a lot more incensy. Jeke told me stories of holy wars and crusaders burning incense, praying and slaughtering infidels. It has a very spiritual and a very violent side at the same time.
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Hajuvana 3 years ago
An oaky-smoky sweetie - easy to appreciate, hard to domesticate.+3
Hermesh 4 years ago
Starts with a mix of very dense smoke, fir balsam and sweetish alcoholic rum pot note (with plum). Base is mild fruity-smoky.+2

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