20.02.2017 - 04:23 PM
Helpful Review

These are not the peaches you're looking for.

As much as I love Norne and Jeke, I simply cannot stand Kiste. It's reminiscent of Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant and even Armani Privé Ambre Eccentrico, and both have a similar cloying and to me sickening sweetness to them as well.

There is peach here, but it's not the bright and fresh smell that I know from the fresh fruit itself. It's dark, like it has ripened for far too long and is close to going bad. There's something that reminds me of cloves, which is probably the thing that bothers me the most in this composition.

A funny anecdote. After sniffing this on my arm and then putting my nose on the atomiser of my bottle of Jeke, it seems as though Jeke is a lot more fresh than it used to be before. It's interesting how certain scents or accords can change your reference and make other scents suddenly seem completely different.

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