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New Sibet by Slumberhouse
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New Sibet is a popular perfume by Slumberhouse for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is animal-leathery. It is still available to purchase.
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Josh Lobb

Fragrance Notes

Carnation, Mint, Leather, Iris, Cistus, Goat's hair, Moss



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Submitted by Puck1, last update on 13.05.2021.
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If you are too weak - the goat is too strong
how was I looking forward to testing it.

I'm lucky to have gotten a piece of said scent in our beautiful niche exchange game.

Yesterday the package landed and the sample was immediately fished out.

Ui, the color already has something of Pipi ;) well, he will surely "horny"
So put the lid down and get a deep sniff. oh my God!!!!
I almost dropped the sample because I was scared. Immediately I had to close the Pandora's box again.
What was that?
I was used to cuddly lambskin, but instead a goat in heat looked me in the face or better said in the nose.
Carefully put the lid down again and uiii, that's a real goat there in that little bottle.
I'm honestly admitted to being too weak for this scent, I didn't dare spray it on my wrist. That wouldn't have turned out well...

Instead, I asked my dearest darling if he wouldn't like to try it. He's a bit stronger than me ;) but he didn't dare to do it either.

So I packed the buck immediately again and already sent on. I hope the next lady has more courage and dares to dance with the goat ;)

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Naked Conquest
If your romantic evenings ever include lying naked on a rug of animal fur, this is the fragrance to wear. Josh has produced another stunner in this leathery chypre in which carnation and mint stand in for the traditional bergamot. With ash, the top note conjures candle wax. Nearby we see (er, smell) a tufted leather chair and on a wooden table, a gobsmack-inducing bouquet of Irises. Ageless luxury exudes from Cistus and Moss. An unusual note of Goat's hair brings the rug. Without a metallic note, there are no chains in this voluptuous image, but it's easy to imagine they could arrive. For now, you are a willing slave, waiting for the one who's mastered you to get out of that chair and join you on the rug. Or perhaps you are master and the other your slave. Josh's website says: "Empires upon empires upon empires; empresses and embassies and emissaries; sun goes down; no more games." Darned right.
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The last gasp from a dying October sun was just too beautiful. Weak & barely alive and about to succumb to the mercilessly cold impending night.
by MrFumejunkie
by MrFumejunkie
by MrFumejunkie
by HerrApunkt
by HerrApunkt

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