01.10.2017 - 08:50 PM
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Heather talisman

I felt definitely the same type of aroma from a bottle of fantastic Mozart liqueur, yet hesitated to categorize ORE as a gourmand perfume. Basically... I am even hesitating to call it perfume. It is much more.

Dusty, complex, as OGBuysblind diagnosed. Woody, yes. Cocoa’s presence is strong. Together with the weight of at least 500 years. Every little bit of this scent is so old! Dry woods, dried spices, dry and chopped lips of a wise old man, a kitchen in a house inhabited by many generations. Camp fire. Nature at night, with you sitting on a fallen tree trunk and calmly hearing the voices of the wonderful heather. Calm, but never soft. Could not be closer to the Earth.

Where is the sweetness of vanilla? Where is the graceful gaiac?
Does this special aroma come from dittany? From lactone?
Where was the creator, when this miracle was invented? Was ORE meant to be a talisman protecting a man during a night stroll? I believe, that no bad things can happen to a person wearing ORE. This is crazy, I know. But I will wear it to protect myself.
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