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Pear + Olive by Slumberhouse
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Pear + Olive is a popular perfume by Slumberhouse for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is fruity-green. The longevity is above-average. The production was apparently discontinued.

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Josh Lobb

Fragrance Notes

Pear, Aglaia, Cognac, Bulgarian geranium, Calamus, Chamomile, Massoia bark, Olive, Dew drop, Grape



7.5 (72 Ratings)


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8.0 7.0 8.0 7.0/10

67 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    10
Coconut in an olive tree
It's not an easy task to get this set scent to smell at all. Josh Lobb publishes, from time to time, batches of his sleeping scents. Mostly on impulse and requests of his fans.

I became aware of Pear + Olive because I perceive pear aromas as very refreshing in summer. (As long as they're not overripe.)

After spraying on, I'll wait. Wait for my nose. But a present bulb that so many reviewers smell out of here doesn't come to me. The fragrance starts with a green fruitiness that is actually reminiscent of virgin olive oil. This aspect forms the stage.

Afterwards I smell very present coconut. This looks very natural and is to be ascribed to the Massoiarinde. In combination with the Aglaia odorata (Chinese rice flower) almost meditative chords towards (white) tea and a scent of summer emerge. One attributes to this plant, beside a lot of healing effect, above all also a smell of fresh hay, which with much fantasy could have actually determined the association of summer with me.

All these components create a fresh, green, very calm but perceptible impression of summer. Certainly also strongly supported by the coconut note, which is used in many sun creams. If I would like to describe the impression with another picture, then that of a high-quality cream on olive basis, as one can buy it only in very good reform houses or specialized pharmacies.

Which I can't see: Cognac and pear. The two of them, however, would have been exactly the initial stimulus for me. So this blind purchase was once again an exciting trip into the land of marketing. ;)
Pear + Olive comes with a lot of brilliance and stamina. He dances for hours, unchanged, on the skin and transports this wonderful summer feeling. The coconut note, I might mention, is palpable, but not a soloist or even a monothematic chord that covers the others.

Therefore, I can recommend the fragrance to anyone who doesn't "have to" have a pear (with a shot) and who wants to get summer under his nose. Whenever and wherever. 10% point deduction will still be given by me for the marketing trick in the naming. Otherwise the scent would be a solid 8.
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32 Reviews
Different, but lovable
Beautiful, not overbearing fruit, but a really interesting take on pear and olive, it's oily yet fruity in a strange way?! It's green and fresh but not harshly so, it's linear but strangely comforting and different, I love it. Such a shame that this has been discontinued :(

18 Reviews
Like several other Slumberhouse scents, I thought "candle," but the different with Pear + Olive is that it seems to straddle the fence of body scent/home scent. It is warm and fruity -- a nice, pleasant scent.

What really surprised me is that I was complimented by a stranger an hour after applying. I was like "really . . .?" But I do believe the compliment was sincere.
10.0 5.0 7.5 7.0/10

33 Reviews
Helpful Review    2
Wow! Boozy Coconut
This one opens like a boozy coconut. Then the coconut leaves and it turns into a very nice fruity, green scent. The dry down is also nice, I almost love it.

I give a 100% to one I can still smell on me at least twenty hours later, I lost this one around twelve. Hardly any silage.
5.0 2.0/10

129 Reviews
Greatly helpful Review    13
Attacked by Vanilla Terrorists in A New Car While Eating a Pear
Pear + Olive starts out promising, with a ripe, luscious pear note; truly delicious. The olive note is odd. I can see that Mr. Lobb wanted to give the scent some body, but it feels like it shouldn't be there. It is the olfactory equivalent of Discord. Then there's the new car smell: a waxy just-purchased new-vehicle smell. Finally, a disquieting sweetness rummages through the background. I know that smell -- it is the black hands of vanilla, plotting terror.

Over time, the new car smell morphs into "olives in the fridge too long", as the scent tacks back and forth from it to the pear. Occasionally, the olive suggests an uplifting grandeur, which is what I suspect was intended. However, by three hours in, the evil plans of vanilla have hatched. The scent has become a very wet, rounded, non-ice-cream, non-foody vanilla. And there the scent dies, wrapped in a vanilla coffin, presided over by black-masked vanilla terrorists, shooting off their semi-automatic vanilla weapons, claiming another victim in their evil scent domination.
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Itchynose 73 days ago
Syrupy pear and grape juice, mixed with a bit of cognac and poured on some flowers. A rich, dense and somewhat oily fruit scent.

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