Holiday 2013 - Gimel a Break by Smell Bent

Holiday 2013 - Gimel a Break 2013

16.09.2020 - 05:32 AM
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Honey As Found In Nature, Not The Supermarket

Fragrance aficionados have been mourning the discontinuation of this unusual honey scent, even without the benefit of trying it. They lament the inability to experience the sweetness of honey as found in our kitchen cabinets, held in a simple bottle which has the most adorable illustration. I was one of these people, desperately trying to get my hands on a bottle, scent unsniffed. I was among the lucky people, obtaining a bottle during one of Smell Bent’s Garage Sales. I can confidently say these mourners have every right to be upset. However, I don't think it is what they think it is.

Gimel a Break is NOT that sweet. The scent of honey is unmistakable but it is not the kind of honey you find in your pantry. This is a honeycomb scent. Obviously, there is honey but there’s also a nearby tree—possibly an orange tree, a large indolic jasmine bush, pollen and the herbal heft of patchouli standing in for fresh dirt. I was taken back to a spring afternoon at a farmer’s market on the Cal Poly Pomona campus. (Look up the campus—it is stunning.) GaB is springtime sunshine in a bottle but it is not a bear-shaped bottle of honey. Performance-wise, GaB lasts forever. It goes through some shifts, from top to bottom notes, but the changes are subtle, always grounded firmly in the earthy patchouli.

I debated whether or not to post a review of this since it is discontinued. I decided it is worth talking about. I also hope the indie team over at Smell Bent bring this gem back. The seekers of GaB are not misguided in wanting to try this but they should be forewarned: GaB isn’t a baklava sweet treat but a taste of barely sweetened nature.

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