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Incense Pure by Sonoma Scent Studio
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Incense Pure is a popular perfume by Sonoma Scent Studio for women and men and was released in 2010. The scent is smoky-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is still available to purchase.
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Laurie Erickson

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AmbergrisAmbergris Angelica rootAngelica root OakmossOakmoss Elemi resinElemi resin Indian patchouliIndian patchouli IrisIris LabdanumLabdanum MyrrhMyrrh SandalwoodSandalwood Vanilla absoluteVanilla absolute FrankincenseFrankincense CedarCedar CistusCistus



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a break from time
I've seldom encountered a fragrance that's so deep.
Who already carries his understatement in the name, in so simple, modest, unpretentious.
"Incense pure.
Frankincense - nothing more.
You'd think.
And yet is wrong - so very wrong.

Nothing is simply "Incense Pure", nothing modest, nothing knitted straight ahead to the right.
Frankincense, of course.
Dense, light, rich, soft, resinous, creaky incense.
The cold, severe incense of the cathedrals and monasteries, the warm, contemplative meditating monks, the Easter fire crackling close by, pagan customs and samhain, of course, the coexistence of flesh and spirit, of once and now and evermore.
Clanking rough nights, campfires, dancing bodies and lamenting drums, thanksgiving in dry hay.
Woody soils, cracking wood, sunny clearing in the dark forest.
Old spice cabinets, the oak bench.
Winter air, a breath of snow.
Garden soil, frozen, stomped.
Old, dark gold, a little matt - a ring perhaps on old wrinkle hand.
Three kings in the Orient, the evening warm and mild.
Myrrh, not grumpy at all, not a grain of sugar sweet.
Warmth, hand skin warmth, arm skin warmth, innocent almost'.
I'm with you, not inside you.
A small step distance.

Quiet is "Incense Pure" and discreet.
The scent remains close to me, perceptible only to those whom my arm does not separate from me.
More aura than perfume, much more me than you, than all of you, all of you.
He doesn't turn me on, he makes me whole, he ground, he straightens me up.
He lets breaths and thoughts flow, dims the light and knocks out the heartbeat.
A pause from time, from the racing, robbing, a reflection on the war, on the actual.
And to that, I'm sure, what will be, too.
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I'm on an incense run and this is a delight. A soft yet quite powerful initial punch of an almost alcoholic nature. There is an overall frankincense/myrhh blend but it's softened and levelled by the herbal side of angelica and green moss. Initially one thinks of this as a pure incense but actually there is an understudy play going on at the same time of all sorts of interesting things, resins, salty sweetness, woodsy feelings, but all jostling for a part without pushing the others off the stage. There is a very clear balsamic note that rings throughout, like a buddist bell amongst the soft chantings of all the different elements. There is fresh air blowing from the forest into the gently comfortable, slightly dusty floor of this monastery. Very nicely balanced indeed.

Another for the avid incense lovers. It isn't a thing I would fancy wearing as a perfume but I could see myself going to a yoga class or to meditate with this on my arms. IFRA have a lot to answer for to forbid a fragrance like this… just why?
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