Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio / I Profumi di Firenze

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Interesting Facts

I Profumi di Firenze (not to be confused with Odori - Profumi di Firenze) was founded by pharmacist and chemist Dr. Giovanni Di Massimo when he found old manuscripts with recipes of Caterina de Medici's perfumes in 1966 during clean-up work after a devastating flood of the Arno River. The collection also included other perfume recipes for the nobility of the 16th century, and Dr. Di Massimo became a perfumer: he devoted himself to carefully recomposing and recomposing the old fragrances using only natural and original ingredients. In 1970, the first store of I Profumi di Firenze opened in Florence. In the meantime, the perfume brand has become part of the Cosmesi Italia brand, and the DiMassimo family produces high-quality skin care cosmetics in addition to perfume.

The great Florence with its immense art treasures and sights does not really need another "point of interest" on the city map, but the beautiful old store of I Profumi di Firenze in Via Vacchereccia is definitely worth a visit.
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