Black Gemstone by Stéphane Humbert Lucas

Black Gemstone 2013

24.11.2022 - 01:06 PM

Riding a Dragon

Opulent, ambery, spicy, incense/woody. It is a chic and intriguing oriental.
A perfume with enormous quality and projection / sillage that leaves no one indifferent. It provides an opening with a fantastic personality made of black velvet and smoke - accompanied by juicy and spicy lemon. The rest of the perfume is an excellent blend of notes dominated by an equally spicy patchouli, incense and soft and dense amber.
Cedarwood, myrrh, saffron, tonka and eucalyptus then dance together before the perfume transitions again to a smoky, spicy and still amber environment in the dry-down where dark resins have turned into satin. All drizzled with honey and wrapped in musky woods on a very balsamic leather base.
Concentrated and rich, it is a very well-built, dark, powerful and mysterious charismatic fragrance. Mystical and comforting, it makes us feel good about ourselves even when we are isolated on top of a mountain while the winds of war blow in the distance. A black stone that gives us the power to find ourselves inside and to calm ourselves down.
We imagine ourselves dressed in a mammoth skin and riding a dragon from a lost episode of Game of Thrones through a stormy day.
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