Khôl de Bahreïn (2013)

Khôl de Bahreïn by Stéphane Humbert Lucas
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Khôl de Bahreïn is a popular perfume by Stéphane Humbert Lucas for women and men and was released in 2013. The scent is sweet-oriental. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesSweet notes, Resins, Violet
Heart Notes Heart NotesAmbergris, Iris, Sandalwood
Base Notes Base NotesPeru balsam, Musk



7.9 (146 Ratings)


8.5 (121 Ratings)


7.5 (129 Ratings)


8.8 (126 Ratings)
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142 Reviews
Resinous gorgeus iris
Mmmmmm...LOVE at first sniff! Probably in my top ten of perfumes!!

I find here a gorgeus iris mixed with different resins which give yo the fragance a very balsámic and creamy vibe. I think It is very close to Velvet amber skin by d&g but half price.

The longevity is very good but the sillage is just moderate. It is a very subtle scent but It is noticeable for a long time.

I have yo speak Aldo about the packaging. This is something about i usually dont caer because for me what really martes is the content. But on this case the bottle is orecious and the box very elegant so i want just to mention It.

Scent: 10
Longevity: 9
Sillage: 7
Quality/price: 7
Versatility: 8
Originality: 8
Global: 9
9.0 8.0 9.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    15
a divan of sweet dreams
"Khôl de Bahrain":
As a woman I immediately remember the cosmetic effect - the Khôhlstift to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes!
The origin of this darkness was not the hectic search for attention for particularly impressive "eye looks"!
The desert peoples use a mixture of soot and different minerals, mostly handed down for generations, to protect the sensitive blindfolds: this way they can protect themselves from infections by insect bites and other soiling of the eyes.
Therefore, this dark line is also often very attractive visible in men there.
The optical embellishment only holds the second place in the list of priorities; as impressive as it may be!

Bahrain: Can777, who likes to call me "little gerbil" during the Formula 1 season, will smile and nod now for sure.
Because of course I remember the night Grand Prix there; impressive from sunset into the darkness the cars roar over the track.
Even if there is only rose water for the award ceremony instead of champagne: it is always worth it to be there!
(If David Coulthard is once again sticky from a rose water, instead of champagne shower - well: s** happens - sorry!)
Oh, yes: I would like to be there - even at the ordeal for my poor noise-sensitive ears!
Sometimes masochism is quite pronounced!

But now to "Khôl de Bahrein" by Stéphane Humbert Lucas; this fragrance takes me into another world.
Several artfully crafted silver bowls stand on a low table next to an opulent Divan, which contains candied sweets perfumed with rose water: sweet and sinful and sooo seductive!
You don't have to know details about the composition; the whole is composed great - a few tasty fragrance calories for the nose!
But what's that? The violet in all its a little old-fashioned scent beauty is accompanied here by resinous accents: Incense? Labdanum? I don't know!
It is a mixture that touches the senses and corresponds incredibly well with the sweets on the table. A very refined composer must have thought of that!
This also reduces the hunger of the senses for sweet things; the attention is now more focused on the magic and the tempting depth of the Divan.
Elaborately embroidered blankets in lavish gold tones are soaked with ambergris: a feeling of golden well-being!
Here the iris, sometimes a nodding candidate in my case, gets along wonderfully with sandalwood.
What can I say: I have fallen for this fragrance!
So I cuddle up to this Divan; always keeping an eye on the delicious spices along the way!
The slightly bitter aroma of "Balsamum Peruvianum", reminiscent of vanilla (how much more beautiful does it sound than the disdainful "Peruvian balsam"!), marks the first conclusion of this fragrance composition; we would rather not know how this, so intensely fragrant balsam is obtained. (Boiled rags do not belong here!)
So our "Divan of Sweet Dreams" already gets some soft, fragrant pillows, which make the stay there even more tempting.
To the finish of "Khôl de Bahrein" appears an extraordinarily seductive musk nuance: quasi as "chequered flag"!
It could easily become too much, but in this creation everything is very balanced, very harmoniously balanced!

Even a being like me, not necessarily programmed for sweetness, is subject to the charm of this oriental magician: I absolutely want a place on this Divan!
Because here you can cuddle, loll and dream: the carpet for the journey to the dreamland (be it from 1,001 nights or even more!) is ready!

One or two sprays of "Khôl de Bahrein" are enough as a travel companion for a few hours; there may also be several of them!
I'm especially thrilled that I don't find this sweetness, so intoxicating for the senses, on my stomach and hips afterwards - that's one more reason to like this Oriental.
I approached this fragrance a little cautiously; I was told by a perfumer that it was not "special".
Now the speciality/beauty always lies in the eye of the beholder: this Khôlstrich is extremely successful!

And if my preference for car and motorcycle racing might cause some head shaking: what the hell!
On it a sweet little treat from the silver bowls of the Entrées!
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484 Reviews
Very helpful Review    5
smoky eye
A gourmand-cosmetic perfume might not sound like the ideal hybrid fragrance, but Khol de Bahrein is convincing. It is a candied floriental of middle-eastern extraction with iris, violet and heliotropin dipped in amber and incense. The range of resins and flowers is calibrated to create an image of sweets ranging from dragées to nougat and pistachio baclava to orange blossom cakes.

The amber-incense heart is melodic and lightly smoky, less a campfire, more the burnt edges of a cake. Heliotropin’s marzipan aroma hints at vanilla around every corner but you never come eye to eye with it. The buttery aspects of the flowers become embedded in the resin so that scent and texture become linked. The contrasting tones converge elegantly and create a perfume that has a distinctive ‘feel’ for lack of a better word, powdery and oily at the same time like the feeling of pollen on your fingers.

Khol de Bahrein is thick and matte yet light, like the powder of a compact that can be applied lightly or heavily for different effect. The list of notes is like the ingredients in a recipe. They tell you about flavors, or in this case aromas, but give little indications about the texture of the end product. The long arc could allow it to be mistaken for a linear perfume, but on close inspection there is a slow, steady progression, an olfactory inertia that gives the perfume an optimistic and luxurious sense of endless heartnotes. The fugue-like progression of candied notes brings Khol close to loukoum, but it cleverly avoids the cloying sweetness or fly-in-amber inescapability of the loukoum perfumes.

Khol de Bahrein could be compared to Shalimar. It has iris and vanillic amber but it lacks Shalimar’s harp-strumming melodrama and heavy velvet stage curtains. A better comparison is Jicky, little less dense than Shalimar but still forceful. Kohl de Bahrein avoids Jicky’s overt animalism but the sweet leather base gives it a comparable shadowy quality. Like Jacques Guerlain, Stephane Humbert Lucas defines the oriental perfume as a near-gourmand experience.

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Helpful Review    2
I'm kind of divided about this one. Maybe i expected to love it based on the enthusiasm i saw, but it didn't make me feel this way once i have applied it on my skin. It seems luxurious with something like an ancient aura made polished and modern, but for me it still has that standard golden amber aura that you get when you make a base of labdanum, benjoin, vanilla and musk. Maybe because i'm not so fond of amber aromas they stick like a sore thumb on all the fragrances i try that has them. But still, at least this is not heavy on those or on any other ambery material, which lets me appreciate the velvet iris, the slightly sweet violet which seems to be completed by a quick sugary note. It' s for me a kind of comfort, cashmere scent, but it lacks anything really exciting. I'd comfortably go through a decant, but would get sick of wearing an entire bottle of it.


IoanaP 71 days ago
Resinous and powdery, a complex and evocative iris that doesn’t make a safe blind buy at all. Memorable.
Emorandeira 137 days ago
Powdery, creamy and balsámic fragance with a very noticeable iris over a resinous background. Moderate sillage which comes in bursts
Hermesh 5 years ago
Reminds of a fruit candy, which is sweet and cooling simultaneously. Warm balsamic notes are well balanced by ambergris and iris.+1

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