Rose de Petra by Stéphane Humbert Lucas
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Rose de Petra is a popular perfume by Stéphane Humbert Lucas for women and was released in 2013. The scent is floral-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPomegranate, Lychee, Rose
Heart Notes Heart NotesBulgarian rose
Base Notes Base NotesCardamom, Cumin, Pepper



8.0 (79 Ratings)


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8.9 (83 Ratings)
Submitted by Avelus, last update on 09.12.2019.
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a dry rose
A dry rose, pungent and slightly rounded with notes of pomegranate. For the rest it is very present and vibrates in all its elegance. it is made warmer by spices like cumin and slightly pungent thanks to pepper. it is a unique and strong fragrance thanks to the hand of Stephane Humbert Lucas
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Greatly helpful Review    11
In the canyon of the sickle-shaped moon it smells of roses
Hello, snoopers! I'm sure you're wondering what kind of scent I'm going to present to you today, aren't you? And you're probably wondering how I got my title here, right? Well... I'll tell you both, but you won't like the explanation of my title at all, because it could be "something for nerds" again *sigh*

Well, first of all: I recently tasted the fragrance "Rose de Petra" by Stéphane Humbert Lucas, a brand that I noticed above all through the great fragrance "Taklamakan". The scent here is said to smell of a desert rose, which grows between rocks and you can also find the cave town Petra in Jordan, if you follow the traces of the rose scent. Once arrived there, one notices that the city that was carved into the rocks, in spite of the desert heat, always looks cool, as a wind blows through the whole city and provides for cooling by this draught, and that one thus found a place where one could rest and recover well, above all, as the city is also crossed by beautiful scents. It's supposed to smell like lychee and pomegranate, as well as roses!

Since you know me, I don't even try to talk about it and I admit it openly: Yes, only the term "Petra" actually first occurred to me this city, because since I know... "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", I always have to think of this cave city first, even though in reality it is certainly not packed with deadly traps to protect the Holy Grail, which is supposed to be hidden there. And this cave city is located in a gorge, which is called "The gorge of the crescent moon" in the movie :D

So... I'll get the scent, so stay here!

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with roses and a hint of pomegranate. One also quickly smells the spicy-sweet and a little camphor-like cardamom, which also makes the roses smell spicy and above all oriental, with which the roses at least in the beginning do not smell too feminine. By the way, I only perceive lychee very easily, i.e. when I smell it extensively at the sprayed place and also know that it should contain lychee (otherwise I probably wouldn't have come up with this scent at all).
A little later the fragrance doesn't seem to change much, as I continue to smell roses and cardamom. Well, the roses now smell a little bit more flowery and therefore a bit more feminine and in addition the pomegranates as well as the lychees are gradually fading away, but on the whole it remains the same.
Towards the end the rose weakens again a little. Now it gets a little more spicy with light black pepper and it still smells of cardamom, which still smells a bit like camphor, but now also a bit green-herb and a bit earthy like patchouli. All in all, Rose de Petra is a beautiful fragrance, but not an outstanding one.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
I like the Sillage. It is quite good to smell at a normal distance on one or the other and could also have a room-filling effect for a short time if the dosage is exaggerated. Also the durability is good, because I could perceive the scent longer than ten hours well on my skin.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular and clear. The entire front is decorated with a gold label, on which a large stylized crown, decorated inside with a Swarovski stone, can be seen next to the name of the fragrance. The massive and also heavy lid is also gold-plated, sits on a golden neck with the initials of the fragrance brand and has the shape of oriental roofs. It is interspersed with palpable honeycombs and looks accordingly good. Like all SHL flacons, this one has become both high quality and very beautiful.

So that was Rose de Petra. When I smell fragrances like this, I have to remember that I should just test more fragrances from this brand. Stéphan Humbert Lucas has always made a good impression on me, whether with Taklamakan, Ô Hira or Mortal Skin, and now also with this fragrance here. So I'm curious how the other fragrances are :)

Even though I liked the scent a lot, it smells a little less special towards the end. He may initially start unisex despite roses, but over time he gradually becomes more feminine. Even though in my opinion it never becomes a 100% pure women's fragrance, it is a fragrance that more women would probably wear. It is also an all-rounder that is suitable for all seasons, as it is neither too weak nor too strong. Thus it will be still smellable on cooler days, and on the other hand will not crush on hot days. As an occasion it is a good scent of the day, whereby the ladies could also use it for going out.
In any case, Rose de Petra is a fragrance that should be tested if you like roses! The only question is whether it is also worth the price, because it does not stand out from other, cheaper but well made rose fragrances.

Hmm... Indiana Jones would have liked this smell too, but he had no time to devote himself to the pleasant smells of the cave city, as he had to try to survive there. The world's greatest archaeologist almost fell into a trap and fell down, just because the idiot had forgotten that the name of God, Jehovah, in Latin begins with an "I" instead of a "J"! :DD

Soo, I'm done with that again and wish you all a pleasant evening :)
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Mrsg37 2 years ago
Dark, almost velvety rose, spiced with a subtle yet lingering presence, beautiful+2
Hermesh 4 years ago
Blossomed juicy rose- slightly rough, rich and self-confident. Great!+1

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