Baba Yaga (2013) Eau de Toilette

Baba Yaga (Eau de Toilette) by SuléKó
Bottle Design Joëlle Fèvre, Alain Fichot, La Manufacture de Porcelaine de Limoges Merigous
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Baba Yaga (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by SuléKó for women and men and was released in 2013. The scent is woody-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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8.5 (35 Ratings)


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7.5 (34 Ratings)


8.1 (35 Ratings)
Submitted by Michael, last update on 30.09.2019.

Interesting Facts

In Slavic culture Baba Jaga is a mythological and fairy tale figure that is mostly described as an old crone living in the forest.

Variant of the fragrance concentration

This is a variant of the perfume Baba Yaga (Eau de Parfum) by SuléKó, which differs in concentration.
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At the beginning a nasty spice border sneezing attack, later half-heartedly nicely meant embracing attempts of a witch
So the witch from the old Russian fairy tales. The bottle (-coat) is already a beautiful eye-catcher, in the bathroom unquestionably an eye-catcher.

In the beginning it whips you through the nostrils. Lots of pepper, even more cloves make you ponder whether you have just accidentally sneezed into the spice cabinet. Nutmeg is still on top.

You have to wait a few (more) minutes until the witch calms down a bit. After all, (bitter)-orange works something against it, even a somewhat benevolently mild, almost soapy mid-pitch tone tries it with an at least half-hearted embrace.

Cinnamon and leather are also still used later and after about 20 min. the woman in the russian grove has gotten a little bit into her and won't become a host, who can be recommended by AirBnB because of his warmth, but who at least won't let you die of boredom like on one of these I-stand-some-times-as-every-3-hours-otherwise-in-the-buffet-snake-at-cruise ships.

"Baba Yaga" and I will certainly not become friends, the fragrance is too special for me, too carnation/pepper-heavy, but charisma and individuality, that's what he has, you have to let him have that.
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Paint the church of Avignon, leave it in the village!
First of all many thanks to Scentence who sent me a small sample of this fragrance!

First way:
I don't want to step on anyone's tie and find it really nice what associations a fragrance can evoke in some people.

With me this is not quite the case, or actually even contrary.
Although I can understand,but only after I've read the recessions,why the scent is perceived that way.
That's why the headline is deliberately chosen like this.

I smell first and foremost cloves, nutmeg, pepper (yes it may even be pink pepper) and wood.
(More about the wood later)

The fragrance goes directly into the solid when sprayed on for the first time and starts with a very distinctive pungency (clove and pepper), which is however soon weakened by a discreetly sweet note (might it be the orange?).
Anyone who has ever spiked oranges with carnations for Christmas will be able to imagine what I mean. Although the orange here is not dripping with juice, but rather somewhat dried out and wrinkled ☺

In the course of time, the nutmeg quickly joins in, underlining the bitter-sweet scent.

The clou, in my opinion, is the cade wood (juniper wood), which is used by many of this herbaceous, earthy "I am in a Provencal forest" to heat up head cinema.
(of course underpinned by the strong, tart notes of the spices)

But with forest, moss, mushrooms, witch women etc. this has nothing to do with it...for my part I see there rather a dry, sandy and barren heath landscape, with maybe a few scattered trees and the dry wind, with the sun above me, drives the smells of the plants into my nose...if I really concentrate on the scent.

For me this is rather a dry, slightly oriental scent (at least very southern scent), which in my eyes, has nothing to do with a forest gnome and moist mossy, deep forest.

The scent is by no means bad, but certainly not a mystical, dark secret that some want to see in it.

But maybe this is also the strength of "Baba Yaga" or of fragrances in general
You can kidnap anyone in a small, new world.

Durability and sillage are safely in the midfield.
The flacon design is beyond all doubt, but as described above, it does not correspond with the fragrance experience !
in any way

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Greatly helpful Review   
Dark black
Have you ever faced a black, big bull in a meadow?
They're powerful, powerful appearances. Respectful and strong.
They look dark and dangerous.
Everything around him seems to stand still, nobody moves. You look carefully to the left and right
in order to check in which direction one finds faster protection, should this black muscleman
suddenly go off. He fixes you and looks at you as if no hair can be crooked.
And then he just lowers his head, snorts with his big nostrils over the blades of grass, sucks the
The scent of the daisies comes in and trots away calmly.
That's how I feel about Baba Yaga. It's dark and mysterious. Hard, engaging and distant at the beginning and then becomes as madly gentle as a hand, hesitating but determined, approaches an anxious animal to caress it tenderly.
I love it when a scent is so changeable. Strong and powerful and just as gentle and homey.
Baba Yaga is said to be an old myth and fairy tale character who lives in the forest.
The "power" of the scents, I feel as described above, but it also raises memories of a dark, old forest. I love it when it's dark and mysterious.
There's so much to explore and see and smell. Touch and greet everything.
Baba Yaga is a woody green fragrance. Influenced by many times rain, sun, breaking moss and zich
different people and animal smells. Only fine particles that have settled on the ground of the dense forest over the decades. Thick bark protects the old trees, they appear almost leathery. If one strokes one's hand over its unevenness, it smells heavenly of leather and earth. Again and again small clearings, which bring in freshness and sparkling scent flashes. Wild and dangerous at the beginning and so protective with time the longer you walk through the forest.
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