Âme Sombre Grade 1 (2015)

Âme Sombre Grade 1 by Sultan Pasha Attars
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Âme Sombre Grade 1 is a popular limited perfume by Sultan Pasha Attars for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is floral-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production. Limited Edition

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPersian rose otto, Frankincense, Saffron
Heart Notes Heart NotesAmber, Frankincense, Bulgarian rose absolute, Jasminum auriculatum, Honey
Base Notes Base NotesBeeswax, Tobacco, Patchouli, Benzoin, Vetiver, Juniper, Hyraceum, White ambergris, Cedarwood, Black cumin, Indian oud



8.4 (11 Ratings)


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7.4 (7 Ratings)
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48 Reviews
Potent Frankincense
After application to my skin I got a intense blast of medicinal Oud and it was full on hospital band-aid with the disinfectant smell which caught me off guard. But before I could regroup and gather my senses I was assaulted by the most intense overwhelming Frankincense accord. lol.. With this knock out Incense blast was some rose and a hint of saffron

At this point I was surrounded in a super potent Frankincense accord that I could have got a job as a Exorcist: " The power of my scent compels you devil, leave this innocent and back to hell with you." lol

The quality was exceptional I could smell the lemony part of the Frankincense and it even overwhelmed the medicinal aspect, the poor rose was drowning in church incense. Then suddenly and dramatically after two hours the scent just died and became a skin scent, I got a few whispers of tobacco but the scent was basically gone.

So all in all I enjoyed the artistic experience with this one and had fun experiencing the Incense but it was just too overwhelming and short lived for my tastes to wear as a personal fragrance.
8.0 5.0 6.5/10

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The roses shade all the slopes,

dreamless trickles the sleep

from their trembling leaves

Sappho (around 600 BC)

soft leaves, with a melancholic scent just before withering. creamy, honey-like, golden-grey...
and then, wilting faster in his warm hand, they blossom tenderness.
he bends his face over it: closes his treacherously shining eyes and dreams.
one heartbeat long
from her
who never knew him
which he will never forget
not even in my dreams.....
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6.0 8.0 8.0 10.0/10

35 Reviews
This seems to be a tribute to Tribute de Amouage made by Sultan Pasha, as references some take Tribute and the many of Montale as base Rosa / Saffron / Incense / Leather and Tobacco, De Montale will not make any comment as I consider it a continuous succession of certain perfumes with very repetitive notes.

The first thing to indicate is that both are Attars (oils), if we compare their prices per ml it seems that the same is exorbitant, if in the comparison we put the variable of its use (quantity) it is not so much its price in comparison of many perfumes with alcohol that are on the market.

The two coincide in many of the notes that compose it, Tribute has an authentic and characteristic incense from Oman, it is spicy and at the same time dark, but clean by the jasmine combination. The rose in no time predominates in the perfume, if not that it makes everything work. Something incredible, wonderful, a pity this discontinued.

In short, a jewel of oriental perfumery, if you go to the countries of the Gulf try to find it, if possible white box

Regarding Ame Sombre G1, it is a great homage, it is a current interpretation of Tribute. In this attar the biggest difference in the beginning is that this rose is with the saffron in its bright and striking opening, the incense here is more subtle, it may be because of the jasmine that makes it lighter.

The quality of the components of this attar are incredible, it can be somewhat linear in its process, but those tobacco leaves together with honey, leather and resins, make a set of beautifully assembled notes, can be more dense and heavy than Tribute, it may be the result of its beginning of a golden and floral honey, after that beginning of the honey, the musk takes the control in the direction along with the tobacco and the leather

In short, I advise you to try it, but in 99% of the cases I am convinced that you will be enthusiastic, like most of the Sultan Attars.

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