Aurum d'Angkhor 2014

Aurum d'Angkhor by Sultan Pasha Attars
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Aurum d'Angkhor is a popular limited perfume by Sultan Pasha Attars for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is floral-woody. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still available to purchase. Limited Edition
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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesSaffronSaffron Jasminum auriculatum absoluteJasminum auriculatum absolute Persian rose ottoPersian rose otto
Heart Notes Heart NotesBulgarian damask rose absoluteBulgarian damask rose absolute Honey absoluteHoney absolute Orange blossomOrange blossom HennaHenna TobaccoTobacco
Base Notes Base NotesCambodian oudCambodian oud BeeswaxBeeswax AmbergrisAmbergris SandalwoodSandalwood PatchouliPatchouli HennaHenna LabdanumLabdanum MuskMusk Persian saffronPersian saffron Spanish saffronSpanish saffron Benzoin SiamBenzoin Siam LabdanumLabdanum Tobacco absoluteTobacco absolute Mysore sandalwoodMysore sandalwood



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Interesting Facts

The oud used for Aurum d'Angkhor is said to be an exceptionally rare Cambodian oud called Encens D'Angkhor by Ensar Oud.
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67 Reviews
A Fragrance Fit For Royalty
Now the oil on first application I noticed was thick as I applied it to my wrist and rubbed the scent onto my other wrist. The first note that greets you is a woody incense rose with the rose smelling luxurious and deep red. As the scent unfurls other opulent notes like saffron, ambergris, jasmine, tobacco all dance around this main rose accord. It smells very beautiful and fit for Royalty, the ingredients are breathtakingly beautiful.

After about two hours the scent transforms into a dark resinous woody accord and this is where the magic happens. The Oud has come out to play and It's like your smelling a fragrance in 3D, you have dark resinous woods that are radiating spices. At the same time when you smell it you get the uplifting fruity aspect at the top end with the honey aspect and the back end with the resinous spicy woods at the centre. And because you are smelling all of the above at the same time it gives the Oud a multidimensional aspect to it's nature. Wow!

To digress a little I was given a incense stick on a Sandalwood order from Pure Incense and was given this incense stick called Oud Safi and it had the same multi dimensional aspect to it. It had a uplifting candy sweetness on the front end and a deep resinous woods on the back-end but when you smelled it you smelled it all at the same time giving the scent that 3D depth effect. I hope you get my meaning.

Anyway other notes start to come and go like a bloom of Jasmine, saffron out of the resinous multi dimensional Oud and it smells amazing. Eventually it transforms again and you have a swirling melange of soft spices, and this is where the Mysore Sandalwood enters centre stage and takes a bow. This swirling symphony of exotic notes mixing in with the creamy mysore is heavenly to the nose. Really holy grail material and the best smelling fragrance I have smelled in my life. And as a fragrance enthusiast it has been a honour to smell the the highest form of fragrance art, if this scent was a painting it would be a Rembrandt, if it was a musical composition it would be one of Beethovens symphony's, you get the picture.

Anyway eventually the dark resinous woods come back to the forefront and dominant.

A amazing achievement and absolutely gorgeous and even mystical like. Wow, I have enjoyed every moment wearing this and will guard my 1ml bottle like it's a precious rare diamond.

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What quality, impressive the Oud de ensar Oud that it carries as a component.
by Carlossp
by Vmaster
by Vmaster

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