Carnival d'Havana by Sultan Pasha Attars

Carnival d'Havana 2014

09.08.2019 - 07:39 PM
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God this stuff is terrible!!! It smells nothing like mango, tobacco or anything else except some bizarre celery-like note. It never smells like anything else! I tried a drop smeared around, and I tried a thicker application. Nothing helped to bring out any of the suggested notes. What else can I say?! It’s pretty straightforward. Please sample before you buy. If you want to buy this stuff from me, please holler. There’s no way there are high quality materials in this fragrance.

I have to add that I’m sorry but this brand and Areej le Doré, IDK where they learned perfumery, but both of them need to take a blending class. Their fragrances are all unbalanced. It doesn’t matter if a sandalwood is 25 years old if you don’t know how to use it. Just mind-blowing the hype out there.

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