Ensar Rose by Sultan Pasha Attars
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8.2 / 1015 Ratings
Ensar Rose is a popular limited perfume by Sultan Pasha Attars for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is floral-green. The longevity is above-average. It is still available to purchase. Limited Edition
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Sultan Pasha (Brand Owner, Perfume maker)

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesRosa alba otto
Persian rose ottoPersian rose otto
Tahitian vanillaTahitian vanilla
Heart Notes Heart NotesHaitian vetiverHaitian vetiver
Tuberose absoluteTuberose absolute
Bulgarian rose absoluteBulgarian rose absolute
Base Notes Base NotesMysore sandalwoodMysore sandalwood
Indian oudIndian oud



8.215 Ratings


8.511 Ratings


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8.36 Ratings
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Interesting Facts

The oud used in Ensar Rose is said to be a very rare Hindi oud called Oud Yunus by Ensar Oud.
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65 Reviews
A Rose By Any Other Name Does Smell As Sweet
Well I have had mixed feelings about this one, some parts I like and others I don't care for.

It opens with a blend of creamy red & white roses followed up with strong hints of tuberose and vetiver. The tuberose gives the scent a incensey feeling and the vetiver adds a slight woodsy aroma. This all stays around for about two hours and then it starts to change.

The rose becomes more honeyed and smells really nice with the oud arriving giving the scent dirty animalic hints. At this stage the tuberose and vetiver have died down a bit to give way to hints of mysore sandalwood. When the honeyed rose and mysore sandalwood join it does smell really beautiful.

At about four hours the mysore sandalwood takes over with now just hints of the past dominating honeyed rose and this smells just well mighty fine.

Now I like the creamy Rose in the first two hours but I'm not keen on the tuberose which gives the creamy rose that incensey vibe. Also the vetiver note just smells weird and out of place with creamy roses. Maybe it's just me and my personal preferences. Even though the scent is unisex (just about) it does lean towards the feminine spectrum especially in the first two hours.

Now after the first two hours things start smelling much much better. When the rose becomes honeyed and the scent becomes more intricate and tightly weaved with oud and sandalwood I start liking it more and more. The mysore sandalwood in the basenotes is stunning, especially when it blends with the honeyed roses.

The projection is soft and the sillage is more restrained than his other scents but the longevity is good on my skin. I've had it on for about seven hours and can still smell subtle wafts of the mysore sandalwood.

All in all I'm not wowed if I'm honest and I'm not keen on the first two hours but it does become much better after two hours. I do prefer his other new and yet to be released Juriah fragrance as my choice of a rose scent. That one is simply stunning. I think I need more time with this one and I'm sure it will grow on me as this is only one wearing.

24 Reviews
Holy Grail Level Rose Oud
Have you ever smelled something so good that it felt like a drug? That is Sultan Pasha’s Ensar Rose for me. There is something about it that is simply magical. I'm a rose lover and the rose in this (rose alba otto, Persian rose otto, Bulgarian rose absolute)) is just exquisite. It’s honeyed and smooth and luscious and I almost want to eat it. The overall feel of Ensar Rose is exotic but tamed. It's super smooth and seems a bit clean but also has this underlying slight dirtiness to it. Which must be coming from one of the smoothest ouds I've ever smelled (Oud Yunus, a rare Hindi oud from Ensar). In addition to the mind blowing rose and oud, it has equally amazing sandalwood (aged Mysore) and swoon worthy ambergris. Gorgeous, sigh worthy stuff.

Full note list:

Top: rosa alba otto, Persian rose otto, Tahitian vanilla.

Middle: Haitian vetiver, honey, tuberose absolute, Bulgarian rose absolute.

Base: aged Mysore sandalwood, ambergris, amber, Oud Yunus by Ensar Oud (a very rare Hindi oud).

6 Reviews
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Whole lotta magic...
***Fine-boned, pale rose swooning in a sensuous golden haze, sublimed by a heady, yet supremely graceful, oud. Exquisite, and very sexy**
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VagabondVagabond 4 years ago
Fine-boned, pale rose swooning in a sensuous golden haze, sublimed by a heady, yet supremely graceful, oud. Exquisite, and very sexy.

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