Vetiver Blanc by Sultan Pasha Attars

Vetiver Blanc

11.06.2019 - 10:38 PM

Vetiver Floral Freshness

Now this is gorgeous and I like it which is a surprise as I don't like tuberose in a scent but here it's blended well so I don't mind it so much. It does lean towards the feminine spectrum but not crazy so that I did not enjoy it. It's very nice!

It opens up with a very fresh blend of tuberose, gardenia, neroli, vetiver and ambergris and smells floral, fresh and salty. The gardenia is done so it does not overwhelm which is a accomplishment as that note can really take over if not blended properly.

The neroli note really lends a beautiful floral tinge to the overall freshness. After a hour or so when the tuberose/gardenia have calmed down the vetiver becomes more apparent and it's blended seamlessly with ambergris. You get that salty aspect with the vetiver and then the neroli just adds that gorgeous hue to the blend. And that's what you are left with to my nose in the drydown, a lovely salty ambergris vetiver that is made more beautiful with a shimmer of neroli when you can smell a waft of it drifting towards your nose.

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