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Attar AT is a popular limited perfume by Tauer Perfumes for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is woody-resinous. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production. Limited Edition

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Andy Tauer

Fragrance Notes

Mysore sandalwood, Woody notes, Egyptian jasmine absolute, Indonesian vetiver, Spanish cistus



8.4 (54 Ratings)


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8.2 (53 Ratings)


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Submitted by Santal, last update on 03.03.2020.
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32 Reviews
Genie in a bottle
The cute little 5ml bottle of Attar AT is the kind of thing you'd expect to buy from the souvenir shop of an oil refinery. The concoction inside it is indeed something special: dark, leathery, animalic... pure tar in all its glorious smelliness.

When it comes to performance the small bottle size hints at the kind of power at hand: a couple of drops on the wrists will last for 24 hours or more. This is strong stuff that needs handling with care.

Like many of Tauer perfumes this is a fragrance looking for an experienced nose and certainly not the easiest scent to get started with Andy Tauer's creations, although those who dare unleash the genie in the bottle will be rewarded with a unique and powerful perfume oil.
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Greatly helpful Review    35
Dwarf uprising
The poison is always in the little bottles! This is what I always say when Mrs.Can is really angry and spits poison and bile. She's not the greatest, physically at least In such extremely "dicey" situations it is best to avoid her, but that's exactly what I usually let go of before I get to safety. Where we are at the topic, because Attar AT and Mrs.Can are not only connected by the size but also in case of doubt by the similarity that you can't get rid of them once you have them on your neck. Sounds funny, but... it's not for everyone!

The fragrance
Attar AT is small, strong and incredibly enduring. A concentrate of strength and endurance reduced to a minimum. I know what I'm talking about 'cause I've been with this since I was a kid. As I am Semi-Orientale and my mother liked to wear such small power packs and decorated them on her dressing table, I naturally liked to "nibble" on them. This had the consequence already in the early age that I had blown up the handicraft course in the kindergarten and various other events. Did I mention that Attars should be dosed very carefully? Never spill on it... just dab on it! Attar AT should also be dosed very carefully. Once you've applied it, you can't get it off your skin anymore. Immediately after application, the scent of vetiver welcomes you. But not the way you might know it. Rather like a primeval vetiver that has united with burning petroleum to a tough, oily mass. Incredibly smoky, deep-earthy-black and tough. That's already an announcement! One immediately notices how Attar AT takes possession of you and what a mighty power it contains. On the scale of the Sillage he has an even twelve shortly after the apply. All other smells around you are blocked by a firewall. You can only smell Attar AT and nothing else! After a felt eternity, the scent begins to become lignified. A deep, dry and warm wood smell works its way through bit by bit. Again and again it seems as if the fragrance would beat bubbling, resinous bubbles that burst on its surface, which is obviously the cistus and gives the fragrance the resinous chords. Jasmine is the last thing on my nose. It runs like a fine, delicate thread through Attar AT. It opens the scent and lets some light through, so that it looks a little brighter.

Attar AT has a highly dramatic effect on the wearer when used and can quickly overtax him if his mind is weak. The fragrance has such a power and presence that it is frightening. This of course also has an effect on the Sillage and the shelf life. The scent should not necessarily be applied near the neck, because it will then take possession of the wearer for hours. You can't smell anything else. I can live with that, but I don't think many others. It is more advisable to apply it to the wrists, the hollow of the knees or the inside of the upper arms. You're not in the radius of your own Sillage all the time. My description may seem scary, but it's not. Attar AT Andy Tauer has succeeded masterfully.
The fragrance is literally...stunning! If you think you might be bothering other people you are mistaken and the scent is perceived as very beguiling and attractive in its immediate surroundings. All impressions that are perceived as strenuous and difficult mix with the movement and healthy distance to people during the day or evening to form a highly harmonious whole. What I still welcome about Attars is the fact that you can take them with you anywhere with ease. Be it on holiday or travelling. They take up no space in the luggage and are extremely economical in use. Little use much effect! I am very excited about what Andy Tauer created with Attar AT. He kept to the old traditions of Attar art, but underlined his own DNA grandiosely. Respect!

It has a shelf life of at least eighteen hours which is a big difference to Mrs. Can. She usually calmed down after only an hour. But even that can be long!
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Carlitos01 13 months ago
Cistus performs very well blended with amber, woods, rose, geranium & vanilla. Tauer masters this note very well. Try it in LADDM as well.+3
Itchynose 14 months ago
A dark, dirty, smoky, resinous, stinky, oily, wonderfully sticky tar bomb in a cute minuscule bottle. Liquid black gold for intrepid noses.+3

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..nicht nur Zeitungen fühlen sich hier wohl...
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Scented life on another planet
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