No. 06 - Incense Rosé (2008)

No. 06 - Incense Rosé by Tauer Perfumes
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No. 06 - Incense Rosé is a popular perfume by Tauer Perfumes for women and men and was released in 2008. The scent is spicy-floral. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production.

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Andy Tauer

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Clementine, Cardamom, Wild rose
Heart Notes Heart NotesCastoreum, Orris root, Frankincense
Base Notes Base NotesMyrrh, Patchouli, Vetiver, Texas cedar



7.7 (162 Ratings)


8.7 (120 Ratings)


8.0 (114 Ratings)


7.5 (101 Ratings)
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Bottle 8.0/10 Sillage 10.0/10 Longevity 8.0/10 Scent 8.0/10
Love, love this!
Opens with a blast of strong candied sugar rosieness. Some have said orange tang, but to me like tearing open a package of Koolaid, that first puff of microscopic fruity sugar powder that lingers in the air. Feels very structural at the beginning, almost you can sense each layer separately. The top end mellows from fruity sugar powder to distinct citrusness. Very complex and interesting. As it mellows it becomes more woodsy and somewhat soapy. All along that jammy rose is at the forefront however. Has nice projection, fairly strong at first, but didn't last too long on me.
Scent 10.0/10
Helpful Review    6
A rose by any other name (isn't what you'd expect)
I took the name literally. What I got the first time I tested this was totally different than what I expected. However, in both scenarios—the scent as I imagined it in my mind and what actually unfurled on my skin—were very satisfying.

In my mind I expected Estee Lauder’s Cinnabar and Stella McCartney's Stella to create a laboratory love child and call it Incense Rose. I expected a bombastic incense (seriously, I took the name too literally) and a fragrance equivalent to the 1980s opulence of the “Dynasty” soap opera’s wardrobe. What I experienced instead was a spicy cup of unsweetened orange pekoe tea that later morphed into a subtle yet spicy rose, which sat prettily atop a potpourri of fragrant woods. I was startled at first by the orange pekoe opening but I’m actually excited by the discovery of a fragrance that captures one of my favorite scents: tea as it steeps in a steaming cup of freshly-poured hot water. The drydown does come across a bit like a masculine bar of soap; lucky for me I love the scent of soap—I blame my astrological sign, Virgo, for my love of soapy/clean scents. It is probably inappropriate to compare this to a celebrity scent but the drydown reminds me of JLo’s Glow After Dark if it had been executed properly. From beginning to end, it’s love.

I found this sat very close to my skin and there wasn’t much in the way of sillage. This discovery was probably the biggest surprise to me. Every movement of my wrist provided a pleasant whiff of fragrance that has yet to settle down, though; I am pleased by its very tenacious staying power. It’s a soft mercurial scent that kept my nose buried in my wrist.
Bottle 5.0/10 Sillage 10.0/10 Longevity 10.0/10 Scent 7.0/10
Helpful Review    4
Another masterpiece by Andy Tauer
Delicious bright and fresh roses in the opening.

Then incense/resins joins it and turns it into a smoky and sweet rose that's really intoxicating.

Sillage, lasting power and projection are tremendous. Another masterpiece by Andy Tauer.

Updated January 2014
Bottle 7.5/10 Sillage 7.5/10 Longevity 7.5/10 Scent 8.0/10
Helpful Review    5
Pine Needles and Roses
This is a demanding scent. It is not a close to the skin scent. When I put my nose to the arm, the scent would be too harsh. However, the way it projects, it is close to "Perfection". Here you get the bright freshness of a red rose, mixed with dignified (for lack of a better description) incense. The sample came with a little ticket describing the notes which blend together in a way that I am reminded of a forest with tall pine trees, poignant smells, shade, as I am walking over the dry needles shed on the path.

This may be a scent which elicits the "what is it you are wearing" comments because it projects so nicely. A ladylike scent, somewhat bold and demanding ... I mean you would not wear this with a T-shirt and blue jeans, rather with a more formal outfit. To a job interview? No, too classy. In a "no perfume zone"? No, too bold. All in all it pays homage to roses. The dance moving between incense and rose is intriguing, a fortunate outcome of a test whether this combination can be done.
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Scent 6.0/10
Very helpful Review    6
"In Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti" ? ... no, not really.
I love Incense ... especially the churchy Frankincense kind from my days as an altar boy, swinging the censer like a fabulous gold Judith Lieber handbag whilst enveloping myself and everyone around me in clouds of perfumed smoke :).

Do I like Tauer's Incense Rose? The answer to that question is puzzling ... because it's "not enough". There is no doubt that this is a masterfully blended fragrance possessed of top quality ingredients. I've been after trying Tauer for the longest time becoming interested because of all the hype surrounding his creations. I was lucky to receive samples of this one and also Rose Vermeille in a recent swap.
What bugs me about Incense Rose is all the citrus, which on my skin becomes the prevalent idea for at least the first hour or so. I prefer my Frankincense unadulterated by 'freshness' ... to my mind it needs to be more serious and a touch melancholy (By Kilian's Incense Oud does a very good job of this and is one of the few from that house that I truly like) ... I find the Tauer version to be more like listening to Enigma's 'poppy' renditions of Gregorian chanting than the King's College Chapel Choir singing Allegri's Miserere Mei.
I was also disappointed that I didn't get as much Rose as I was hoping for ... the combination of Rose and Frankincense sounds intriguing to me and I don't think it's been explored to it's fullness here. A good dose of incense develops eventually, but by this time Incense Rose lives very close to my skin and doesn't project anywhere near to what I would want it to.

In saying all of this I can appreciate that Incense Rose is a beautifully crafted fragrance, just not one that I would be interested in wearing.
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easy to love
It’s funny that in sitting down to write this I thought how much Incense Rosé is like Cacharel’s Loulou. They’re both fireworks aldehydic florientals---expansive, bubbly, heady and very easy to enjoy. I turn to both when I’m happy and want to be reminded that I am. Incense Rosé isn’t hard to like, but its ease is not a fault. It’s a sparkly to the point of raspy blend of aldehyde, rose, cardamom, frankincense, cedar and amber. I found Incense Rosé after I got to know Andy Tauer’s Lonestar Memories and L’Air du Désert Marocain. Lonestar is so stolid and Désert Marocain is contemplative. I was surprised when this came flying out of the bottle. I bought it, started wearing it, never questioned it and I love it.
Sillage 10.0/10 Longevity 10.0/10 Scent 8.0/10
A Soulful Blend of Dark Roses and Resinous Incense
Tauer INCENSE ROSE, like the other creations I've tried from this house, is a perfume. Thick, rich, viscous and potent beyond belief! INCENSE ROSE also conveys the "wild" quality that I have come to associate with Andy's work. I imagine him working away all alone with no regard for opinion polls and marketing surveys, in a quest for the perfect perfume. The final products are always totally original--unique--and command respect, whether or not they end up on my "must have" list.

INCENSE ROSE is a beautiful blend of dark roses and resinous incense, along with many other judiciously measured components. Rich and deep like fertile soil but at the same time offering a gorgeous mélange of perfumey notes. So often incense and myrrh come off as tarlike or rubbery. So often cardamom is applied with too heavy a hand. Not here, I'm happy to say. The notes of INCENSE ROSE meld together seamlessly to produce a perfectly balanced blend, but the final product really has soul and depth, unlike so many "safe and tame" mass-market frags.

The longevity is superb--it is, after all, a perfume, notwithstanding the edp claim!--and the sillage is big enough to keep the wearer ever aware of what it is that she or he has donned. Yes, I regard INCENSE ROSE as suitable for women and olfactorily astute men alike and highly recommend this composition to lovers of incense.


Update: I now own this perfume, and the more I wear it, the more I love it!
Longevity 7.5/10 Scent 7.0/10
Helpful Review    3
Heady rose-patchouli incense
Incense Rose is an absolute treat. It's a rather rich, smokey take on the scent of incense and rose, with a touch of strong, resinous cedar and amber.

I'll start by saying that Incense Rose can be unisex. The intense woodsy notes makes this perfect for men due to its somewhat masculine qualities.

This fragrance does tend to be cloying, however I like my scents strong and powerful. From the very opening, Incense Rose hits you with its massive sillage.

The top notes are mostly a mixture of intense earthiness, fruity clementine and tart-like rose. As it settles, the earthiness takes on a rather green-like approach, almost mossy in a sense, and the incense appears.

The incense is of the burning kind. Smokey, exotic and smooth. When placed alongside the rose note, the incense blends well, creating an atmosphere that does remind me of a bohemian trinket shop.

I'm a rather creative type of person, very much influenced by art, theatre and music. Therefore I feel as if Incense Rose captures this side of me perfectly. Richly exotic and heady scents describe my career industry well, especially the wild side of it.

Both this fragrance and Heeley's Cardinal have some similarities, however I much prefer Incense Rose for its feminine nature.

For those that love incense, you will most likely enjoy this, however for those that are rose lovers, this may or may not appeal to you. Regardless of your tastes, this fragrance should be tried.
Sillage 7.5/10 Longevity 10.0/10
Helpful Review    4
Ah, incense.....
I always find it difficult to write a review of a scent that prominently features a note I don't care for. I don't want to knock a perfume just because that note and I don't get on well. Such is the case with incense and me. Try as I might to like it, I just don't. I can appreciate it's role as a perfume ingredient, but the smell does not appeal to me. There is this musty camphor-like aspect to it that turns me off. Nevertheless, I don't want to rule out the possibility that maybe, just maybe, there is an incense prominent perfume I could like.

And so I approach Incense Rose, a perfume I've heard many good things about. At first spray, I think, 'Oh I do not like this at all.' It strikes me as very medicinal and I have the fleeting thought that I might have to scrub it off (something I rarely do). Luckily, this camphorous, almost sickly sweet and medicinal smell softens and a green/woody and deep rose smell emerges. This is a lovely, realistic red rose smell (albeit fairly faint). There is also something very intriguing about how this dark rose plays hide and seek with the incense.

I wait a bit longer and the scent settles into something a bit more powdery and woody (think Guerlain's Vol de Nuit). Still, this is an incense heavy scent, and the distinct smell of incense persists throughout the life of the scent. (Btw, I also wore this to bed, and smelled in on my sheets the next day. It was less incense and more spicy rose, woods and amber. Now that I like. Maybe if I sprayed it on my clothes...)

I wish I could say that, yes, I have found it, an incense I love. It isn't, but you know what, the artistry in this perfume is evident as is the superb quality of the ingredients. If you are a fan of incense, this could very well make you swoon.
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