No. 10 - Une Rose Vermeille (2010)

No. 10 - Une Rose Vermeille by Tauer Perfumes
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No. 10 - Une Rose Vermeille is a perfume by Tauer Perfumes for women and was released in 2010. The scent is fruity-sweet. It is still in production.

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Andy Tauer

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Lavender, Lemon
Heart Notes Heart NotesRaspberry, Rose, Violet
Base Notes Base NotesAmbergris, Sandalwood, Tonka bean, Vanilla



6.6 (66 Ratings)


7.8 (45 Ratings)


6.9 (41 Ratings)


7.7 (41 Ratings)
Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 06.05.2019
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8.0 6.0 7.0 6.5/10

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Helpful Review    7
Raspberry jam with roses?
Good evening and welcome to a new DonJuanDeCat Kommi!

Stop! Don't run away! I'm just imagining a scent. And today I won't talk about nerdy things, I promise! *sigh*

So... I'm introducing a Tauer fragrance today, and no, it's not "L'Air du Désert Marocain", somehow everyone at Tauer thinks of the Désert fragrance the same way... it's almost like Creed, where everyone immediately thinks of the pineapple! Aventus is apparently so popular, that hardly anyone even dares to make stupid pineapple jokes (e.g. like: "If someone gets Anna wet here, then it's me",... that's from Werner, if you don't know it :D).

But let's get to Une Rose Vermeille. This sounds like a rose fragrance, but the fragrance also has a strong raspberry note, which might make some people think a little bit off, because I think that raspberries (or very strong raspberries) might not suit everyone's taste. But first we'll see how the smell smells. Maybe it's not so bad!

The fragrance:
The scent begins with violets, which smell powdery and sweet, and raspberries, which also smell very sweet, but also fruity. Somehow the fragrance also has a light, unidentifiable synthetic note in the background, which is not so great. Well, at least there are still some citric scents left, whose citric scent looks fresh, at least a little between all the sweet notes.
A little later one still smells raspberries, now however clearly weaker. From the floral notes, roses are added to the violets, but they are quite weak. Amber is added as a new sweet fragrance and smells stronger than vanilla, which is usually one of the strongest fragrances. Later, however, as so often and expected, vanilla can assert itself and smells most intense, especially from the base. The fragrance is slightly sweet in the base, only moderately fruity and also powdery, but in a cool way powdery. The rose is a little bit stronger in the base, but not so strong that I would mention the rose in the name of the fragrance (at least to me the rose doesn't seem so strong...). The fragrance has not become that special now, that is, it is neither bad nor good, and simply smells of a sweet fruity fragrance with powdery and floral notes, where one would not necessarily say "wow, a beautiful fragrance".

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is mediocre, but weakens somewhat more slowly. So it is good for a while from the proximity or not too great distance smellable. The durability is okay, actually quite good. I think you can smell the fragrance for an average of eight to ten hours.

The bottle:
With its pentagonal shape, the bottle looks like most Tauer fragrances. Except this one's orange instead of blue. But there also seem to be flacons of this fragrance that have no colour and are clear, then you see in them the yellow fragrance liquid. The lid is square, black and seems to be made of wood. Looks as always very successful!

Soo, in my opinion, this fragrance here was rightly rated averagely mediocre. Because he's really nothing special. In the beginning it may have a good fruity and strong scent of raspberries, later it is simply a sweet and slightly fruity scent with powdery notes, which come mainly from vanilla and violets. However, the powdery feel here is cooler than the cuddly, warmer, and the scent is also generally more boring. It is so meaningless to me that I can hardly think of anything else to write about him.

In terms of fragrance, it is almost an all-rounder, except that it comes across better on warmer days than on cooler days. Otherwise I would only use it, if at all, as a simple day fragrance, because it is really not spectacular, especially for going out. In my opinion, therefore, there is no need to test it.

Well... there Aventus is much MUCH better than this fragrance here. Never thought I'd say this, as often as I sometimes pull over Aventus disciples here :D
(But well, I also rated Aventus well, I think it's actually pretty good, but it's not THE fragrance revelation for me like for others here and I don't have to keep lists with release date, bottling date and batch code! :D).

Well, I'm sorry that I didn't introduce you to a more interesting fragrance this time, but there aren't always great fragrances, and even the moderate ones want to be tested and introduced :)
That's it, have a nice rest weekend and see you soon!
7.5 5.0 5.0 9.0/10

24 Reviews
Fizzy Fruity Frisson
I don't normally enjoy sweet scents, and I'm picky about rose. But I love Une Rose Vermeille!
This is a super fun, joyous fragrance. The focus is on fizz, a soda bottle opened under the nose. Beneath it a sweet powder reminiscent of candy necklaces and pop rocks. The lemon is noticeable and adds a bright freshness; this perfume really comes to life on the skin.
I am reminded of L'Artisan's "Haute Voltige" as they share the same neon buzz - if Une Rose Vermeille is a girl setting off firecrackers in a sweet shop, Haute Voltige is the same woman in her twenties, still up to no good.
5.0 7.5 7.5 6.0/10

339 Reviews
Helpful Review    2
Sweet and earthy roses
Sweet and candy roses.

Sounds linear or common, but it's not. Very unique and distinctive rose, with consistent sillage, lasting power and projection. Yes, almost intoxicating.

Another great creation of Andy Tauer that deserves a try.

Updated January 2014
2.5 5.0 3.0/10

45 Reviews
Rose Water
I have had this sample for awhile, and finally decided to test it today. I am not a rose fragrance lover, have only liked a few). And, not really a fan of fruity florals. But this made the testing easier, as had no great expectations! First of all, I didn't pick up the lavender until the very end, and it was so slight, not even worth a mention. What I did get a blast of, when first applied, was the raspberry, followed by rose water essence. This bought back memories of me baking a special Easter type bread, a few years ago, and one of the ingredients is a rose petal essence. A Dr. Oetker baking essence. Yes, that's what came to mind after the first 5 minuets. Not a very attractive beginning, and a few hours later, nothing new to really like. Not one of his better creations, but will have to try some other of his rose scents. This is too fruity, and quite frankly, a bit of a disappointment.
7.5 2.5 5.0 4.0/10

670 Reviews
Helpful Review    5
I Love Andy Tauer But Hate Une Rose Vermeille...
Une Rose Vermeille opens with a very subtle lemon and lavender tandem before quickly transitioning completely to a very synthetic smelling rose and raspberry duo with a soapy violet undertone. The raspberry and rose are heavily sweetened by a major tonka bean presence emerging from the base along with equally sickeningly sweet non-powdery supporting vanilla. Projection is minimal and longevity is average.

I keep waiting for a Tauer scent to wow me as I really like the perfumer's high level of customer service and his industry "secrets" candor; alas I'll have to keep looking as I really dislike Une Rose Vermeille. It really reminds me of a very cheap smelling shampoo with its low quality soapy synthetic nature, and it veers way too heavily on the sweet side of neutral for my tastes. Adding to its many deficiencies, the vanilla in the base really smells weird here and does not mesh well with the rose at all. Even raspberry that works so well with rose in my favorite scent, Portrait of a Lady by Malle seems entirely out of place here. I guess I'll just have to match Tauer's candor in saying this one is a nearly complete failure with the only saving grace being the five second subtle lemon and lavender opening that was at least "pleasant" smelling. Definitely pass on buying this 2 star out of 5 disappointment as there are far too many excellent or better rose scents on the market to settle for a poor one.
1 Replies

81 Reviews
Candied rose
On my skin this is a sweet candied rose together with the raspberry and sandalwood. The topnotes are to my nose a bit similar to reverie au jardin. But instead of the fir I can smell the lavender in here.
This is a nice perfume for woman who likes sweet scents

295 Reviews
Helpful Review    5
ancient orange
This is rather putrid on me. Have you ever lost a tangerine or an orange in your backpack or purse for a couple of weeks? When you find it, it's shriveled and the skin feels like leather. It's all bruised and it has an odd, sour smell. That's what this perfume is like on me, I'm sorry to say. A lost, bruised orange with some shriveled dead rose petals.

How is it that Mr. Tauer makes two of my all-time favorite perfumes (L'Air du Desert Marocain and Lonestar Memories), but everything else he does is horrid on me? (112210)
1 Replies

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