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Fruitchouli Flash 2016

24.03.2016 - 10:54 PM

Sophisticated Hippy

Just got this today, and couldn't wait to write about it! Who would think that Andy Tauer would dare make a fruit patchouli fragrance! Well, he did, and it's Fabulous! I even bought this blind, as I know Andy Tauer perfumes, as have tested nearly all of them, and own a few as well. I love this one! The fruit is so doesn't come across as a overwhelming peachy just does what is expected..a touch of peach, and the apricot is a bit deeper into the heart. The rose isn't the main player is soft, and blends so nicely with the fruits. The star of the show, in my opinion, is the patchouli ! What a darling patchouli! A calm, grown up knows when to make its appearance without being overbearing. It knows it's place..and it has a slight ego. It appears when you want it to, and doesn't disappoint ! It is still a patchouli , but he's now a sophisticated hippy..the timing is perfect, as well as the strength .
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