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Altamir (Eau de Toilette) by Ted Lapidus
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Altamir (Eau de Toilette) is a popular perfume by Ted Lapidus for men and was released in 2007. The scent is sweet-oriental. It is being marketed by Groupe Bogart.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPineapple leaf, Bergamot, Neroli
Heart Notes Heart NotesCyclamen, Jasmine, Orange blossom
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Musk, Patchouli, Teakwood, Tonka bean, Vetiver



7.8 (198 Ratings)


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7.0 8.0 8.0 9.5/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    21
Vanilla kidnapped - stop - PKA determined - stop - no trace yet - stop
A splendid event announced itself on Parfumo. The vanilla, now in its prime, decided to hold wedding. She had survived the assassination attempt at oudVanille well and recovered splendidly in Jaïpur Boucheron. She was full of juice and strength, ready to step into a new smell bouquet and not spend another part of her fragrance life alone.

In the middle of the festive preparations the vanilla disappeared suddenly and unexpectedly. No message and no clue left, she was untraceable! After the initial confusion had subsided somewhat, the investigations began. Thanks to the excellent work of the newly founded SOKO "Schote", its director, Chief Fragrance Commissioner Ted Lapidus from the PCA (Perfume Criminal Police Office), presented current results. Everything pointed to a kidnapping. But since a vanilla scent had not been sniffed by such opulence in any other region, this could only mean that the vanilla had not left the oriental district. First, tender traces of smell led into the sweet valley in the oriental mountains. There, in one of the three municipalities called Altamir, Cašmir and Gaultier², vanilla had to be found.

Ted Lapidus himself, incognito, set out for his first explorations in order not to frighten the supposed kidnappers. Since Altamir was located at the very back of the valley, his research initially led him to Cašmir and Gaultier². Received by the finest vanilla smells, it quickly became clear, however, that this vanilla could not be the missing one. They were looking for an aromatic, honey-like vanilla note, while those in Cašmir were rather dark and earthy and those in Gaultier² were rather sweet and biscuity. According to the information of the mayors of Chopard of Cašmir and Jean Paul of Gaultier, both had already immigrated to the valley years ago and had settled successfully. As fraternal twins they came from the Bourbon clan far away from here.

The last hope to find the missing one was now in Altamir. Further incognito the chief scent commissioner quickly took the way there. As soon as the border of the community was crossed, a sweet vanilla breeze blew that exploded as Ted Lapidus became the first scent inhabitant to see. A fruity, bitter-sweet storm came up, sweeping through the front gardens with fresh, citric gusts. The short rain shower as well as the end of the storm let the air float and the again penetrating sun released the floral smell of the plantations. It smelled of flowers and blossoms as well as juicy-fruity, intensely honey-sweet and a little woody-spicy. At the same time, a full breeze of aromatic vanilla blew erotically around from all sides. Ted took in the weather, but even the consultations with the scents living in the outer and middle districts did not bring any clarification. However, the permanent, aromatic-spicy vanilla vent was generally perceived as very pleasant and attributed to the special arrangement of their dwellings. So the solution had to be further in the center of Altamir.

The scents that are at home there spread pleasant warmth, the air is creamy heavy, bitter-sweet to caramel and with many woody facets. And here, too, a dry, stable vanilla wind whistles through the centre. The atmosphere is relaxed, it smells of siesta, prosecco, dessert with ice cream and be happy. Our under cover agent is very pleased and continues to search in vain for missing persons. But also in Mitte nobody can make statements about a vanilla note and all attribute the vanilla flair of their community to their own collective expression.

All this makes Ted Lapidus thoughtful. Was it really a kidnapping (e.g. no demands were made!)? Or has the vanilla only got cold feet because of the upcoming wedding and hides hermit-like in the mountains above the sweet valley? Regardless, the mission had failed! He quit the PKA and settled in Altamir. Because of his great commitment and organizational talent, he was quickly elected mayor. Together with his two colleagues Chopard and Jean Paul they founded three excellent vanilla perfumes among which Altamir stands out with his oriental warmth.

And the vanilla? She was never seen in Altamir. She was gone forever. Nevertheless the rumour persists that, high up in the mountains, she lets her sweet-aromatic scent trickle down incessantly and harmoniously for the good of the community and the perfume Altamir!
12 Replies
8.0 8.0 9.0 9.5/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    13
A small consolation pad for the adjusted Gaultier
My last order this year was also this one in the package. Of course I pushed through the Gaultier2 on this fragrance. In addition, with an interesting fragrance pyramid and with 25-30 euros for the 125ml bottle extremely inexpensive. Who knows the scent: It is at least twice the value.
Most people who deal with this fragrance have come across it because of the Gaultier. I wrote a comment to this one a long time ago. A few more sentences, because this Altamir is very similar to this one: For me, the Gaultier is a milestone. For me the seducer fragrance par excellence, especially in nightlife and when it comes to flirting. Offensive, erotic, wicked with lots of sex appeal. Why that was set for me a big question mark. A unisex scent with a big fanbase and actually good sales figures. If someone knows the reason for the setting: Please add to the answers.

Now to the Altamir, which is not a 1 to 1 double, but brings in many own accents. Lay people might confuse it with the Gaultier, but people who deal with a lot of scents will of course recognize some differences. I would estimate the similarity to be about 70%. Altamir appears to me fuller with more facets, whereby the Gaultier concentrates on few fragrances. The Altamir doesn't quite come close to my taste, but it seems more noble, more masculine and not quite as playful and offensive. Here the pyramid is also clearly more extensive, which one also clearly notices. The sweetness, the amber and musk are also there, but also notes like orange blossom, which makes this fragrance softer and more elegant. Also a slight freshness, especially in the opening, is clearly active here. The base and dry-down, on the other hand, is extremely heavy and almost exclusively sweet and creamy due to the tonka bean. All in all, however, a noble fragrance, which you can also wear well in the evening, but also like its twin in nightlife.
I find the Gaultier2 easily on the female side, this Altamir easily on the masculine side. But both are quite unisex. However, this Altamir is also well wearable in advanced age.
Also the performance is top and suitable for many occasions. Top Sillage and double-digit durability. Especially the first hours he performs very well. Thumbs up.

Fortunately I still have a well filled Gaultier2 bottle. For all those who mourn and do not want to pay utopian prices: This is a successful alternative and a consolation for all fans. Also in price.
7 Replies
7.0 8.0 8.0 8.5/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    9
A fragrance that is full of unisex .....
A fragrance that once again has flashed me full,

A fragrance that I absolutely must recommend to the ladies,

A fragrance that is fully unisex to me,

A fragrance that excited me from the first spray,

A scent that gives with warmth,

A scent that cuddles with me,

A fragrance that starts fruity,

A fragrance that immediately starts full pot and hello here I am screaming,

A fragrance with a slightly oriental note,

A fragrance soo sweet and powdery ,

A fragrance I notice all day,

A scent that's addictive,

A fragrance for really little money ! and big content ;-) ¶

A fragrance that I would describe as sweet, warm, oriental, loving Wumser, which is always there when you need it and the light happiness hormone radiates if the day is perhaps not so great or you already when getting up thinks, oh no I would have rather stayed in bed ... as soon as it is sprayed on, he gives me the feeling, no matter what comes, I am with you and protect you
I think he's really mega and I'm thrilled. If anyone doesn't know him yet, try him out. Best still quite fast, because it is probably more suitable for the autumn / winter months ;-).

Thanks to my darling who discovered this scent ;-) You are the best blind buyer ever ;-) and sorry that your scents now also sometimes become mine :-D. I love it :-)

So test it out ...

Dearest greetings
3 Replies
5.0 2.0 2.0 8.5/10

7 Reviews
Smell good but!!!
I got TL Altamir today, the scent smell good but the projection and longivity are soft doesn't even step up to moderate level,and it's floral woody not sweet as most reviews say.

The cologne can be used by both genders in winter's nights by any age i think.

At last, TL Altamir smell good but the projection and longivity are not, sorry i wouldn't recomende it to anybody.
6.0 6.0 7.0 7.0/10

144 Reviews
Warm Blanket
Sometimes perfume ways are truly mysterious. Many fragrances are already discontinued due to the unavailability of materials, their price, poor sales, change of legislation etc. Once extremely popular creations have been gone forever, while some humble stubbornly resist. One of the most popular Gaultier’s fragrances, loved by numerous perfume aficionados, Gaultier2 by Francis Kurkdjian is apparently discontinued. Many fragrance lovers mourn upon the unfair fate of once extremely popular creation. Fortunately, there is a reasonably priced salvation – Altamir by once extremely famous French fashion house Ted Lapidus.
Altamir is a relic from the times when Gaultier2 was hot. To me unknown perfumer did a pretty nice job. To my nose, Altamir is like Gaultier’s carbon copy. Altamir is like a warm blanket during winter. It warms one’s heart during all those gray and cold days. Although marketed toward men, Altamir is completely unisex, just like its role model. It opens with pale notes of white flowers – neroli and orange blossom cloaked by a huge warm hug of benzoin, amber and Tonka bean. The musk of the mid and base notes gives Altamir a classic and clean side. The Tonka bean is responsible for some nutty aspect of the composition. I can also sense some pale woodsy touch.
Altamir is a warm, sweet, soft and cozy. Simple, but effective. A truly remarkable and affordable composition for gloomy days. One of the unsung heroes.

P.S. Please if someone knows the origin of the name, share with us.
4 Replies
7.0 8.0 7.0 8.5/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    45
A ballad
I thought it was time for a little prose.
This fragrance animated me to the following lines.
Here we go, or as the writer would say...let the lines tell.

This is the ballad of the bold ride,
Knight Schoork's gonna be a hit,

After a stop and a beer,
he rode off to Altamir,

With his horse called Mechthilde,
with a sharp sword and a shield,

In a country full of ice and rock,
he froze quickly in his fur,

The way stood a wanderer,
who said it used to be different man,

Enchant now the land is now,
the sun in the sky would only be porridge,

It's the fault of Count Frust,
there's no heart beating in his chest,

Princess Casmir's Sunshine,
now shines in the tower for her alone,

Trapped there, in his castle,
Sir Schoork thinks to himself, oh what a villain,

His plan to attack but burst,
the horse slips out, he goes bald,

Ice as far as the eye can see,
yes, the plan, it wasn't easy,

The loud clattering was heard by a wise man,
a druid and he was quieter,

What you need my noble man,
is what I can give you,

He brewed fast, with boom and flashes,
an elixir for your own heat,

The last herbs and plants he took now,
from fresh it became warm very quickly,

Take this vial of noble lord,
spray if you have to, it's not hard,

But be careful, it ends,
after 7 hours on your loin,

So Sir Schoork rode up the castle,
on Mechthilde's hooves, she puffed now,

The last meters he walked,
past the water at Le Males River,

The plants rose,
because Sir Schoork didn't freeze at all,

Jasmine, orange and bergamot,
no longer looked like Hottentots,

Sir Schoork now smelled so fresh and fine,
Neroli ran into all pores

Now he stood there the frustration, the count,
with cold blade, so not good at all,

The knight thinks it's worth it,
he smelled the tonka bean,

On planks of teak wood there was a fight,
Sir Schoork surrounded by warm steam,

They were fighting for hours now, it was getting late,
With cunning the knights, looked what goes,

He took the vial, the spray head very large,
and sprayed the Count, off into his trousers,

Now the count was overwhelmed by the smell,
directly overrun by sweet sweetness,

Heat found its way almost everywhere,
The count at the end all lull and lall,

The knight won and the sun came out,
it thawed now and away was the horror,

He went up to the highest tower,
Princess Casmir conquers by storm,

Then they went down the Le Male River again,
she smelled like vanilla and she wasn't afraid anymore,

They saw their reflection in the water,
he gave her a kiss, it's good manners,

She was a prude first, then very oriental,
the knight found almost ideal,

So he became Sir Schoork of Altamir,
revered and respected by man and animal

He kept the rest of the vial,
when your Highness was bitching, he sprayed on it,

That was the story now,
of Atamir and how I poem,

So believe me now when I tell you,
i really like to wear this scent,

It's free and it's great,
please don't look so helpless,
Goes and reads also between the lines,
with questions, I will hurry then completely fast here

18 Replies
8.0 8.0 9.0 9.5/10

247 Reviews
Helpful Review    6
An unisex gem polished with creamy orange, tonka and amber.
Altamir by Ted Lapidus is a magnific Oriental Woody fragrance for men... and women.... yes, unisex!
This fragrance has a distict sweet scent and I'm glad I blind bought it.
It opens with a very pleasant citrus, pineapple and neroli notes. A couple of minutes later you get a strong creamy orange (as per the listed notes, it's orange blossom for sure) and some flower notes.
After 10 minutes the devolpment slows down and you get the nicest scent and projection of this fragrance. The bottom notes reveal a magnificent heavy sweet tonka and a growing very nice ambery scent that sweetens the woody drydown.
In all the stages the fragrance had a classy/expensive scent.
Performance is above average with a longevity > 10 hours and a peak sillage of 6~8 feet. Projection lasts for 4~5 hours.
It seems to have EDP concentration. It's very alluring and an "almost universal" pleaser. Fresh and green fragrance lovers may find it cloying.
I do recommend this fragrance. I even consider to buy a backup bottle as sometimes Altamir is hard to find.
In my opinion it's Ted Lapidus best fragrance and i do rate quite high four other Lapidus scents.

My rates for Altamir:
- Scent opening:...........8.5 (classy and pleasant)
- Scent drydown:..........9.0 (classy and hard to beat as a sweet, oriental, woody fragrance)
- Longevity:...................9.0 (10~12 hours, 3 initial sprays)
- Sillage:.........................8.5 (sillage peak at 6~8 feet, projection for 3~4 hours)
- Versatility:...................8.0 (just avoid hot days; good for mild and cold weather)
- Wearability:................7.5 (unisex, sweet, oriental and woody scentexcludes workout, beach, office, a beer with the guys, closed small spaces... and it's divine for almost everything else)
- Compliments..............8.0 (three compliments in the 1st hour in an universe of five persons I spoke with)
- Uniqueness:................8.5 (some minor similarities with some upscale fragrances and a strong similarity with Gaultier 2)
- Quality:........................9.0 (it smells expensive and classy)
- Presentation:...............8.5 (nice, good over all quality, except so~so sprayer)
- Price:...........................10.00 (€13,50 for 125ml tester)

Average: 8.59/10.00

if you consider Altamir as a possible look alike of Gaultier 2, they are really similar but Lapidus lapidated the price by a factor of ten. Altamir sometimes is hard to buy but so it is the discontinued Gaultier 2.
5.0 7.5 7.5 7.0/10

1165 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
Intoxicating fragrance on a man
This is the signature scent of the man I'm currently seeing. On our last date he wore this fragrance in abandon knowing full well that I loved men that wore fragrances. He may have applied too much in eagerness, bless him, but I found myself wanting to cuddle up next to him in olfactory bliss.

Altamir is quite a sweet fragrance. On most men this could smell rather feminine, but on the right man, Altamir is sensual and intoxicating.

Surprisingly floral, especially with its notes of jasmine and orange blossom, I would recommend women give this fragrance a go too. This is an elegant and special fragrance for men, with the floral sweetness counteracting with rich, spicy amber, proving that it's a well-blended composition.

At times it can smell quite creamy and soft, but most of the time the overall projection is strong and bold. The lasting power is really good. Altamir managed to transfer itself onto my jacket, and for the last week or so, the fabric has smelt of Altamir. Not that I mind though.
7.5 7.5 7.5 8.0/10

37 Reviews
Very Good
Its better than Ted Lapidus Pour Homme. This one projects very well, Bit strong. The Longevity is good and it is good .


Catarina 8 months ago
An unisex gem and probably the best Lapidus to date. Magnificent florals in an oriental ambiance with lot's of powder. LUVIT!+3
Carlitos01 10 months ago
It seems to have EDP concentration. It's very alluring and an "almost universal" pleaser. Fresh/green fragrance lovers may find it cloying.+3

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