Lapidus pour Homme Black Extreme (2012)

Lapidus pour Homme Black Extreme by Ted Lapidus
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Lapidus pour Homme Black Extreme is a perfume by Ted Lapidus for men and was released in 2012. The scent is sweet-animal. The longevity is above-average. It was last marketed by Groupe Bogart.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesLemon, Black pepper, Violet leaf
Heart Notes Heart NotesSaffron, Orange blossom
Base Notes Base NotesLabdanum, Tonka bean



7.3 (53 Ratings)


8.2 (45 Ratings)


8.0 (48 Ratings)


5.9 (51 Ratings)
Submitted by Nyze29, last update on 17.01.2020.
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7.0 8.0 8.0 7.5/10

14 Reviews
The Black Knight
* This is an update of my initial review, completed and improved:

Well... The perfume lives up to its name; It's a Lapidus, it's black and it's extreme.

BUT it isn't the indomitable "powerhorse" that seems to be (although it is "brave" by nature, and with over-application it can be overwhelming):

After the strong aperture - and it's decay -, projection becomes moderate, sustained as almost a skin scent at 8 hours +/- ( but it can exceed 12h as a subtle skin scent).

So it's perfectly wearable and a reasonably versatile fragrance for late autumn and winter (gently on the trigger).

Here we have a rather unique oriental fougere, with something distinctive and different that captures your attention and keeps you smelling it.

It's floral, powdery, spicy and sweet... And manly, definitely. It has a considerable "memory effect" (because of the unusual aroma, quite different from the typical "designers" scents) and it's one of those fragrances that smells better in the air than directly on the skin.

The dry-down of this one is comforting, specially on cold days... For me, this is the scent of a hurried man with a black raincoat, walking down the streets of a rainy and streaming city, at night.

Not a blind-buy, for sure... But It has its charm.
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6.0 6.0 8.0 8.0/10

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The Returner
Some time ago I was very interested in this fragrance, then bought it, but I couldn't cope with its base which seems a bit dirty and so I finally sold it.
But there was something, something that stayed in my nose. Again and again I had to think of this smell, something did not let me go any more. Was it the unusual mixture of sweet orange blossom and violet leaf? Or the fact that labdanum appears relatively well and combines with the other fragrances to an interesting mixture? I don't know...

What I can say is: I like Pour Homme Black Extreme the best immediately after spraying it up to the heart note, it can best be compared to a "fresh wash vibe". But after these about two hours the twist of the scent comes and makes it more and more "dirty", even slipping into the lightly urinous as I think, But he can't top his ancestor with it because with Lapidus Pour Homme one smells like a piglet sprinkled with herbs.

With the Black extreme the whole thing is implemented differently, he has nothing to do with his colleague from the 80s except for a tiny part of the base. Doesn't have to be what I think.

Recently it was so far then, I rummaged something in the net and thought to myself: for the called price I take the smooth still also into the order. I have not regretted it and am happy to have the scent back in my possession! I was even more pleased when the batchcode of the flacon spat out a date from 2012, so no risk of reformulation. :-)

So the durability is very high, the Sillage is strong in the beginning, but I would still like it not to flatten so fast.
So if you are looking for an extraordinary sweet scent, which is far away from "boring", you should take it here, he got me after the first try!

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6.0 8.0 8.0 8.5/10

247 Reviews
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Darth Vader by Ted Lapidus
This is Darth Vader essence in a bottle.
It's a black, deep, misterious and refined fragrance.
Great for the night/cold weather. It's an Encre Noir type of perfume - " love it or hate it, nothing in between", but darker than Encre Noir.
I love it, my wife hates it as much as any other very dark fragrance. For me it's a work of art.

Upon initial spray, it comes on quite bold. It's a sharp scent of a dark pepperish violet, and a hint of orange. It bursts like Aida's triumphal march.
After the opening the manly dark scent remains but you experience the orange note growing together with balsamic, woody notes. You also experience other spices besides the initial black pepper note.
As you travel along the bottom notes towards the dry down, the fragrance becomes a bit sweeter, smokier and darker. Like in a Dracula's never ending movie, you feel the time passing slowly, making you breath that gloomy but exciting atmosphere. Like a luna park ghost train where you get thrilled and laugh of pleasure and fear, the dark dry down is very plesant (for me) with a very strong tonka note backed up by different spices. You get that dominant growing shadow but always with a hint of a flowerish gourmand scent in the background.
Its longevity is easily 12+ hours. Don't over spray or it may become intrusive to the people around you due to its heavy dark/middle notes and heavy sillage.
In terms of longevity it's not a beast but it is well above average.
This EDT smells unique and bold in line with what you should expect from a Lapidus/Bogart black extreme fragrance.
It is indeed a very nice juice and one of a kind. It does not pretend to clone anything and I like it that way with its proper individuality.

My rates:
Scent opening: 8.5 (my judgement)
Scent dry down: 9.5 (my judgement)
Longevity: 9.0 (12+ hours)
Sillage: 8.5 (6+ feet with a peak projecton till the 2nd hour)
Uniqueness: 8.0 (better than many existing good dark scents)
Usability: 7.0 ( If you use it in the summer you will be arrested by the local police. Use it in cold or mild to cold weather)
Versatility: 8.0 (If you feel confortable with a dark fragrance you may well use it almost everywhere provided that you don't overspray. Exceptions - beach, workout and Sahara desert)
Compliments: 8.5 (more than expected for such an inexpensive fragrance.
Quality: 7.5 (great but a bit synthetic)
Presentation: 7.0 (many people like it; The bottle is a bit tacky in my opinion although better than the "Pour Homme" and "Gold" editions)
Price: 10.0 (13 Euros plus taxes and shipping)

Overall rating: 8.32/10,0
- between 7 and 8 =above average;
- between 8 and 9 = recomended;
- bigger than 9 = don't miss it;
I love this fragrance. The dry down is absolutely fantastic. Recommende if you are into manly dark fragrances.

Music: Laura Branigan - "Self Control" - (Creatures of the night)
7.0 8.0 8.0 6.0/10

25 Reviews
Same family as Kouros, I'd say.
Something in this remind me of Kouros...
Too soon to write even a short review with opinions, I'll come back after trying this a little more.
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327 Reviews
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Fabulous Find
This fragrance is lovely, and about as sweet as I want my man to smell. Must say the lemon, black pepper, violet leaf top note is spectacular. Labdanum and tonka seduce from the base, saffon beguiles from the heart, with orange blossom in this truly fabulous-smelling scent. It's on sale at the discounters. Go figure. No, first grab it. Then go figure.


Carlitos01 8 months ago
This is Darth Vader essence in a Darth Vader bottle.
It's a black, deep, misterious and a refined fragrance.
I love it and recommend it!+4

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