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Hammam is a perfume by Tesori d'Oriente for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is floral-sweet. It is being marketed by Sodalis Group / Conter.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesMandarin, Lemon, Almond blossom
Heart Notes Heart NotesOrange blossom, Jasmine
Base Notes Base NotesVanilla, Woody notes, Amber, Musk



7.2 (75 Ratings)


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5.3 (70 Ratings)
Submitted by Dambiro, last update on 14.01.2020.
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6.0 6.0 6.0 7.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    17
Abduction to the Garden of the Seraglio
As a sauna-goer after sports and through several wellness weeks in my pampering hotel in Baden-Baden, I also had to try a hammam.
I love the warmth, the silence and the hands that stimulate my skin and my senses with a soap brush or glove.
Afterwards I feel not only relaxed, but also clean inside and out!

So I arranged to go to the Frauen-Hammam with a friend; that's no problem in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Packed with everything a woman needs (especially afterwards), we arrived there.
And I was allowed to leave immediately after paying: from a plastic flower syringe exactly this lemon smell was sprayed, which lets me regularly leave the bio sauna in the fitness studio in a monkey's pace.
My sauna ladies are already laughing and even the moment for recognition is enough to let me cough, sneeze and cry.
I couldn't escape the Hammam premises that quickly; the "feathers" of the girlfriend and her colleagues had to be smoothed out first; that took time.
The rest of Sunday I spent with tablets at home, with my face like a red crumble cake, after I had already covered the way back to the subway under tears.
Even then I must have looked pretty miserable, because a woman asked me if I needed help. No, it was this mixture of lemon oil and water!
So "bye bye hammam"!

But the original idea does not let me go: to immerse myself in the embrace of dense clouds of steam and give myself completely to it.
To float relaxed on a soft, delicious scent cloud, under which everything becomes very small and meaningless!

"Hammam" by Tesori d'Oriente gives me an impression of what it could be like.
A stroll through a preciously decorated courtyard of a seraglio, surrounded by the pleasant aroma of mandarins, lemons and the delicate full blossom almond trees, sun, soft light and tranquility.
The senses here already begin to purr quietly; everything uneven, stressful and unfriendly in life disappears insulted - pleasant joy of silence remains behind!
The scent of the delicate orange blossom caresses the heart, carries you off into an "intermediate world" that is beneficial.
The heaviness of the jasmine flowers, which not only decorate the bushes but also cover the surface of a large water basin, goes wonderfully well with this.
From somewhere soft music of flutes and harp sounds: it is time to let go and surrender completely, lures them! Time to immerse yourself in yourself, to listen to yourself!
Vanilla and (white?) musk are ideal travel companions on this journey in warmth, fragrance and a great loving embrace!
A light, well-dosed wood note (reminiscent of damp wooden garden/terrace furniture after a rain) is a natural part of this before Amber closes this round dance of delicate, heart and soul pampering fragrances.
Quiet floating of the senses and simply joy envelops me.

With this "Hammam", which is woven from tenderly coloured scent threads and which has declared "well-being feeling" and "relaxation" to the program, a restless, unpleasant day ends.
With the help of this skillfully and sensitively composed fragrance, he slides into a calm, sheltered evening.
The durability of this airy elf is not designed for a long night; night owls, however, are not prevented from spraying if necessary.
I use "Hammam" from Tesori d'Oriente, a really oriental treasure, also as a so-called "Pillow-Spray".
A few splashes of it on pillows and also in the hair, prepare a nice way into the dreamland.
This time also the Sandman has the suitable, finely glittering sand with him; in the last weeks he brought, probably by mistake, always the little bag with pebbles with him: how uncomfortable and uncomfortable were my nights!

"Hammam" offers the possibility of an excursion into a world that reminds a little of 1,001 and takes you to the sun- and fragrance-flooded gardens of the Alhambra or an oriental seraglio.
And even the illusion of the quiet splashing water was wonderfully captured.
Who looks for simple joy of the senses, finds it surely with this scent watercolor spotted from tender colors.
"Hammam" is nothing big, exciting - it is tender, quiet and very adorable!
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5.0 6.0 6.0 7.0/10

320 Reviews
Carpe diem (a short moment of pleasure)
Life is like some scents: you must enjoy the moment and smell immediatley the better notes before they pass by.
I don't want to make philosophical speeches, but this reflexion went to my mind smelling this perfume, as good as evanescent.
I usually love all the fragrances by Tesori d'Oriente, an Italian brand making very good products at very affordable prices and with selected ingredients. I am a "serial collector" of all the fragrance of the range.
Although they could seem a little synthetic, the sillage is usually good , expecially for the warmer and spicier scentes. But Hmmam is an exception: it's a "carpe diem" and a wonderful but too short trip to the middle eastern atmospheres.
The opening neroli note is involving, round and very pleasant and feminine, if you close your eyes you can recognize almost the same bouquet you can find in the famous and expensive "Cinema" by Yves Saint Laurent.
The citrusy accents too are very fizzy and give a lively touch to this bouquet. Unfortuantely the base is almost non-existent. the light vanilla- musky notes I perceived the moment I sprayed the scent stepped evaporated after a few seconds leaving only a pale memory on my skin. I must confess that I was a little disappointed. However,I bought anyway this perfumed because the 100ml one size was on sale at 2,99€!
Last but not least, the nw bottle is nicier than the old: it's black with copper-couloured oriental decorations and , as all the fragrance of the line, is very easy and perfect to be kept in your bag for a refreshing moment whenever you want. I recommend this little pleasure mainly in the good season, by day as well as in the hottest nights for its light sillage.
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7.0 7.0 7.0 7.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    15
Allowed Spa
I have been commuting back and forth between ENT and dentist for weeks, which is no pleasure to travel.

Maybe a stay at the Hammam would be beneficial.

But as far as I know, this is a male place and male shelter - where I have no business.

Besides, I don't like sweating together.

I'd rather take a hammam spray and not squeeze into small rooms.

I am surprised at the powderiness of the fragrance - I had expected etheric things like spruce needles and eucalyptus - after which one can breathe freely.

But this hammam is not aimed at the respiratory tract - but at the perfume nose.
No cold remedy - rather a walk in oriental gardens.

The almond blossom has a slightly powdery effect - shaded by warm orange blossom and light jasmine.
Vanilla and amber sweeten the walk, which is pleasantly lovely, but is more likely to take place in the front garden of the hammam.

A contemplative fragrance - relaxing - but completely without " infusion ".
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5.0 5.0 5.0 2.0/10

469 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
Not the right hammam code
Tesori d'Oriente scents are very affordable and I bought this one unsniffed, because I had hoped for a fragrance capturing the spirit of the famous Turkish bath ("hammam"). Unfortunately, this spray reminds me of "Armani Code", and "Armani Code" is a scent I don't relate to the genuine "hammam" (the way I experienced it).

Dominant notes in this product are: clementine, jasmine, orange blossom and argan oil.
The drydown is very artificial, with a bit of cheap wood and vanilla. Staying-power is average. Not my favourite from the Tesori d'Oriente line.
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Jazzy76 24 months ago
On my skin I smell mainly the orange blossom notes and the amber at the base. Pleasant and affordable.+3

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