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Patchouly Fresh Inspiration by Teufelsküche
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Patchouly Fresh Inspiration is a perfume by Teufelsküche for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is earthy. It is still in production.
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Bergamot, Patchouli



4.0 | 3 Ratings
Submitted by Lav, last update on 08.10.2019.
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More laundry fragrance than perfume
The Patchoulidüfze of Teufelsküche were once and are still only so wasted in the usual Gothicshops. When I was younger, a 100ml of the "pure" patchouli perfume also had to come in. And with the heavy scent I drove my parents mad...

Simple patchouli fragrances, such as those from Teufelsküche, are a matter of taste, quite clearly. However, it is here also so that the quality is more than poor.

You can only smell alcohol here, too. And then the rough, musty cellar muff patchouli. The overall impression is intense and cool due to the bergamot which only shines out in the beginning. Please don't expect a Habit Rouge dupe or anything like that! Bergamot becomes more intense with time and reminds a bit of the 4711 top note, but after a few hours it warps and leaves only musty patchouli again.

Here we have a scene fragrance for people who want to smell musty and musty. Patchouli Fresh Inspiration does its job, but is certainly not a high quality perfume in that sense. I would therefore only recommend it to people who want to smell the same way.

Sillage is quite violent in the first hour, but then withdraws quickly. I know that some gothics also use the devil's cuisine scents to scent their clothes. I think that's very pleasant, too. A hint of the scent will last until you wash the garment (if you spray more than necessary, even longer...). Meanwhile I use it also exclusively as laundry scent. I like a higher quality perfume, don't I?
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