Absolute Amethyst (2019)

Absolute Amethyst by Thalia Sodi
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Absolute Amethyst is a new perfume by Thalia Sodi for women and was released in 2019. The scent is gourmand-spicy. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production.

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Gino Percontino

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesCoriander, Nectarine, Lemon blossom
Heart Notes Heart NotesBlack dahlia, Almond blossom, Vanilla orchid
Base Notes Base NotesTonka bean absolute, Tequila, Vanilla



6.9 (9 Ratings)
Submitted by Carlitos01, last update on 15.12.2019.
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Do you know that? You see, hear, read or smell something that you feel you are connected to from the first moment. A painting that enchants and captivates as if you were a part of it. A song that touches the heart so much that it almost bursts with emotion. A story so touching and real that you can feel the pain and joy of the characters deep inside yourself. A fragrance that storms and conquers the soul with all its molecules, as if it were its only purpose.
Lev Nikolayevich Count Tolstoy, in short Leo Tolstoy, the famous Russian writer is my soul mate when it comes to literature. His major works War and Peace and Anna Karenina are classics of the realistic novel. Personally, I like other works even better, since I devour every word of "A marriage in letters". On numerous pages you can see his correspondence with his wife Sofja during her fifty years of marriage, which shows her emotional world, her affection as well as her differences in an absolutely detailed and always respectful way. It is not uncommon for his works to contain individual movements extending over several lines or even half a page. And yet they are so emotionally gripping and attractively dressed that at no time have I ever felt crushed or overloaded by them. On the contrary. Through the detailed and so realistically described processes and impressions, he manages to place me in the story as if I were sitting next to him while writing. I see what he sees, I smell what he smells, I feel what he feels. I look at him again and again stunned and feel this amazement in me, admiring and at the same time questioning. Just as I ask myself again and again how a completely strange person can only manage to touch another person with words as if he knew him as only this person knows him.
Why I'm telling you this?
Because I found a soul mate for scents in Absolute Amethyst by Thalia Sodi. Also here I question the creation and the doing, the way from thought to fragrance and how in the whole world a person can create a fragrance, which can put another in a state of great astonishment. How is it possible to harmonize different scents in such a way that they ultimately result in an embodiment of my self in the form of a fragrance?
I need a handkerchief from the very first sprayer. Tears run at the touch of a button. Emotions deep, gripped and boundless overwhelming. The first note has a slightly herbaceous spicy note, as can be found in some cough sweets. Not medical or at most minimal, but rather comforting, benevolent and benevolent. Already here an unbelievable warmth floats with. The first color I notice is the dark green, as it often occurs in tourmaline. Translucent but still strong enough to be a distinct shade. But after a few moments the fragrance changes and the final colour Amethyst is absolutely perfect. This "scented stone" has a mystical heart, which is kept beating by its dark flowered dahlia, sweet almond blossoms and a high-quality, rich and velvety scented vanilla orchid. Evenly and calmly it knocks. It's a soothing fragrance for my perception. Very relaxing and "down to earth".
Then there's the coronation. With the addition of Tonka and here the Absolue, which is even deeper and more sensual, and the well perceptible bowl of Tequila, the fragrance transforms into a cotton wool soft, warming, completely in itself resting and sensual aroma cocktail with a vanilla stalk to stir thought lost in it. Somehow I'm completely blown away. Here are some of the notes that I love fragrances so much, but which somehow nobody has put into a single fragrance. Thalia Sodi, however, with her selection has unerringly managed to create such an elixir that covers at least one of my ego's. Who still develops the others, there I let surprise me gladly...
The sillage of this fragrance is quite powerful, but does not disturb due to its calm nature. The durability is top. I would settle in all seasons except midsummer, perhaps the sweet and rich tones would be too overwhelming. This fragrance should feel good in warm to cool temperatures and show its ability, because it has enough warmth itself and also to give off.

"There are people who call a piece of land 'My' and have never seen or entered this land. In life, people do not seek to do what they think is good, but to call as many things as possible 'mine'." Quote Leo Tolstoy.

So I like to admit it: I am one of you.
Because I wanted to call Absolute Amethyst of Thalia Sodi "Mine"...
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