Palace Oud 2013

Palace Oud by Thameen
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Palace Oud is a limited perfume by Thameen for women and men and was released in 2013. Projection and longevity are above-average. The production was apparently discontinued. Limited Edition
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Fragrance Notes

Indian oudIndian oud
Indonesian oudIndonesian oud
Egyptian jasmineEgyptian jasmine
Taif roseTaif rose
Atlas cedarAtlas cedar
Cambodian sandalwoodCambodian sandalwood



9.29 Ratings
Submitted by WiB, last update on 07.08.2018.

Interesting Facts

100 pieces have been made.
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72 Reviews
I Intraspire Thereof Presently
I am intraspiring of this fragrance at this very moment. I have a dab on my wrist. It is oudy, but ethereal. There is no skank (unless perhaps it be ^exceedingly^ subterranean). Presumably this is sinking-grade oud oil fræ some particular piece of agarwood, fræ which the 100 30ml bottles of this were made. It had better be! Not that I actually ^possess^ a bottle; but as a matter of general principle, it had better be. I think it probably is, as the aroma does fit the various descriptions of the aroma arising when a piece of sinking-grade agarwood is ignit in the censor of the temple. And the dab was so very small! Yes, it may well be that this is the aroma that greets the woodman when he cuts down that ancient agarwood tree - and lo! it ^is^ a long-term infected one!

... about half-an-hour later ...
Of course, I mean it is the ^chief^ note in this wherewithal the woodsman will be circumspirated: there is other stuff in it; so obviously it isn't going to be Thameen's ~Palace Oud~ ^precisely^ that will be delighting his grateful glands.

Keep getting whyphs of this far stronger than an intraspiration at my wrist would give me to prognose. They have that certain way of seeming to come fræ nowhere that any 'fume-head must mark as an indicator of a superb 'fume. I keep wondering about the skank: "is it there? ... was that it?" I think it ^is^ there, but so very surpassingly exceedingly transfigured. And it's somehow °salty° & °mariney° unprecedentedly puissantly. There it goes again catching me askance. And it's always ethereal - so very ethereal: I think perhaps °ethereality° is its prevailing characteristic. Soapiness is there also. Soapiness, marininess, woodiness - all bound together & suffused with a most lofty ethereality, and be-tinctured with a grain of the most excruciating and yet unnethe perceptible skank here & there.

Just clicked the 'wearing' button! Might never be able to do that again!

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