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Andalusian Soul is a popular perfume by The Merchant Of Venice for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is sweet-spicy. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by Mavive.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesAcacia, Amber, Rum
Heart Notes Heart NotesSmoky notes, Balsamic notes, Cistus, Labdanum
Base Notes Base NotesVanilla, Amber, Sage



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Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 19.01.2020.
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Helpful Review    8
In the very south of Spain lies Andalusia. A very special region that was strongly influenced by Romans, Phoenicians, Moors and Christians. The way of life of the people in this sunny land kissed by the sea is so different from ours. From purebred horses to flamenco, from the Alhambra to the Alcázar in Seville with its Mudejar style. An architecture designed by the Moors and adopted and modified by the Christians. As romantic as the architecture is, as wild and rough are the cliffs and coasts by the sea.
That's how the Andalusians are. Proud, beautiful, hot-blooded, romantic, taciturn. But if you know the people longer, or talk to them about your love, then they get warmer, like the warm south wind that carries the sand crystals from Morocco over the sea to you.
And now comes an Italian company and thinks to have captured the scent of the Andalusian soul and to be able to make it understandable to the public.
In my eyes a daring venture, because the soul is somewhat more complex than the pair of ingredients from the fragrance pyramid. But no premature conclusions draw

The fragrance
The opening is a very present vanilla, sweetly heavy she lays down on my skin. Likewise the rum comes quite fast like a Flamenco danced. He surrounds the vanilla, invites it to dance. Probably in the background one suspects something citric, rather slightly pricked in the upper peaks. Just like the castanets in Spanish folklore set the pace, but only remain in the background.
Funny, I think the perfume now smells a lot like a mixture of this Malaga ice cream and the Ikeaduftkerzen. The white or cream-coloured one, which even covers the dead with syrup at a depth of 30m.
But let's move on to sweet MalagaRumVanilla perfume.
With me this mixture remains quite long and predominant on the skin. There are no more insane changes in there. No astringency, a roughness, no pride and no Spanish hothead can be guessed even close to this scent.
But when I put all my ideas about Andalusia into an old treasure chest, close my eyes and sniff at my hand with empty thoughts, I can say a well mixed scent.
The scents harmonize with each other, walking romantically in the sand holding hands. But the perfume is not surprising, but it is of high quality.
Lasts long: about 8 hours are loose in there.
If you like sweet scents, you're definitely in the right place. It's more of an evening thing and a night out.

Conclusion: well-done fragrance, without emotional instability, lasts long and is still perceptible even from afar.
A MalagaRumIkeaTeelight for the evening hours. But the Andalusian soul is, in my humble opinion, much more complex and, unfortunately, not at all affected
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8.0 7.0 10.0 7.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    53
"Make a fist!" or "Food that causes violence."
My mama has a mania for cleaning, which naturally included us when we were children (and today the grandchildren, of course).
She ran after us, felt, constantly with a washcloth, cleaned around at us and after any food intake on our part the call "Make fist and go wash hands!"
sounded The purpose behind all this was that on our way to the bathroom for God's sake we should not touch anything and should not stick anything. Light switches and door handles were then operated with the elbow, the faucet with the wrist, towels that had fallen down were lifted with the feet etc.

This behavior has become flesh and blood for me and.... i hate nothing more than to have sticky hands or to stick anywhere at all.
This feeling causes an absolute and immediate washing compulsion in me.
Everything else is no problem: Dusty, full of mud, encrusted or greasy I can stand it the whole day..... but sticky!
Not a second.

An ex of mine once had the insanely great idea - probably after he had seen "9 1/2 weeks" - to bring some momentum into our sex life with his presentation of a food-based meeting I just disgusting, because I think it's sticky - and so in the heat of the moment I poured a glass of honey over my chest and belly.
He had certainly thought about it and also painted certain things, but so quickly he could not see at all, there came first my fist flown and then I was already with a sentence under the shower.
We weren't together much longer after that either.

As beautiful as "Andalusian Soul" is, as tasty and edible it smells of acacia honey and vanilla sauce and as much as I would like to eat it ..... the stuff sticks!
Well, not really, but felt.
As if I had rolled myself naggically in sugar syrup and trickled some of it into my nose.

I can't stand it.
Where's the shower?
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9.0 8.0 10.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    17
It snows by the sea too!
Hello folks, today I present a fragrance from "The Merchant of Venice", a fragrance brand named after a work by Shakespeare. Today it's "Andalusian Soul"'s turn, which already reminds us of the summer by its name, because Andalusia and Spain in general is a beautiful destination in summer (yes, there are also other Spanish destinations besides Mallorca... :D).

It's also cold there now, but still you think of beautiful old town places, great landscapes, delicious food (paella!!!) and beautiful beaches with great water (... uuuuand I know that you're thinking NOW that I'll certainly write the following: "Oooh beaches! I'm thinking about hot "bikini babes",... what do you have an opinion about me again?! Tsss... okay, yes admitted, I find "hot bikini babes" great, ... but shows me someone who (or even the) attractive people would not look after, especially on the beach, yes yes, ... at least she's honest and admit it, even if some Hater should think me here for perverted or horny ... especially since they check of fun and humor even less nothing :DD). Anyway, you know what this is all about? That's right One thinks of the (next) holiday, just now, when it is snowing! Snow is nice, but it's raining more and more. Anyway, while I'm typing these lines here.

I, on the other hand, like snow, even if I would have preferred it to have snowed at Christmas, because it just looks more beautiful :)
And although it snowed recently for a few hours, the Schnell unfortunately only stayed for a few hours and disappeared as fast as it had come. Too bad,... somehow I miss the days where the snow had covered the cities for days and everything shone in beautiful white (well and later everything was dipped more in black mud,... but that's part of it :D).

Be that as it may, back to the fragrance: Andalusian Soul not only sounds great by name, but also seems to offer great, fragrant scents, and I hope that the composition of the fragrance is as great as everything sounds!

The fragrance:
Oh, wow, the scent is really "delicious" at first. I smell light acacia, combined with intense vanilla, some rum and amber. On the first nose, the fragrance has a rather sweet, chocolate-like scent (reminiscent of Guerlain's L'Instant pour Homme, but without the anise). Then it becomes more powdery and gets a nice alcoholic note from the rum. Moreover, it is very soft and tender, which comes as usual from the mentioned vanilla, but the balsamic resinous notes intensify this effect even more. Then you notice the smoky character of the fragrance, which doesn't look so bad at all. I think it's a pity that the great top note fades out a bit too fast, which means that the fragrance soon starts to smell like vanilla, while all the other fragrances retreat further into the background. Anyway, I smell another herbaceous note, which must be sage. It may seem unusual on the first smell (so with all the powdery-sweet scents), but it looks quite nice and smells good like all the other scents here (I like sage as a scent anyway!).
Very much much later there is hardly anything left to smell of most of the scents, except of course the vanilla, which still smells strong and very authentic. A beautiful fragrance, which could have let some fragrances appear longer.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage has turned out quite well, only a few sprayers are enough to fragrance the whole room with it. This means that in my opinion he will be good to smell for a longer period of time.
Actually I should divide such scents by the durability, how long you can smell the actual scent, and how long you only smell the vanilla :D So the "actual" scent can be smelled for four hours, but the vanilla seems to stick endlessly long, because I could smell this scent the next morning quite well on my arm :D

The bottle:
The bottle is very beautiful, as you are used to with the brand. It has a vase-like shape and has different yellow-orange shades, making it somehow summery, although the scent is more of a winter scent. The transparent lid is straight at the bottom and curves outwards. At the neck you can see as always the name of the brand as well as a cord with a tassel, which hangs on it as a nice decoration.

Hm, Andalusian Soul is really an excellent fragrance! But a nagger, as I sometimes am, I have to make a small point of criticism about this as well. That's not so bad now, but I think that the vanilla wins the upper hand a bit too fast. What I mean to say is that vanilla quickly becomes quite intense and most of the other fragrances are a little overshadowed. The top note with the amber and rum could therefore have radiated a little longer. Apart from that, the fragrance is wonderful because it has a nice powdery, soft and sweet scent. In addition it has a nice, but light smoky character.

All in all a beautiful fragrance that can be used well in autumn and winter. And as is so often the case, this scent actually always works. During the day you should possibly dose it less, so that it doesn't get on the nerves of other employees, fellow students or who else is there in the long run, in the evening when going out you can give the smell to yourself but really so that you come across tasty :))

Aaah, Andalusian Soul... somehow now I have to think about Gazpachos. These actually quite simple, but nevertheless very tasty vegetable soups, which come across especially in summer cold very well (but they can also be eaten warm, as far as I know!).

Soo, I hope it snows here again soon. Somehow this doesn't seem to please my cat (Attention, now a little cat story follows!) at all. Normally after breakfast he goes out a little bit before he goes to bed... but recently after the first contact with an evil snowflake he almost panicked and ran back into the apartment (and then dozed off immediately) :D
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9.0 7.0 7.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    17
Longing for El Andalus - captured in a flacon
The last sunny day in October reminds us of the forthcoming November.
Even though this month, as often in the last years, is not only grey in grey, it is still a bit on all our minds: the seemingly endless summer is over, the Advent season with its lights and promises (I don't want to remind you of calories!) still seems far away.
The days are dark and short, the year rushes me fast steps towards its shortest day.

That's why I'm going to sunny Andalusia today - El Andaluz!
The scent magicians of "The Merchant of Venice" have succeeded in capturing the fragrant, light-flooded evening above the Alhambra above Granada.
Captured in a bottle that already satisfies the first longing for all that harmony and warmth.
The glassblowers of Murano have again put a lot of effort into transforming an impression into a glass work of art - they have succeeded!

"Alhambra", the Red Castle, sits picturesquely in front of the always slightly snow-covered peaks of the Sierra Nevada!
I'm afraid it's almost impossible to get into the right mood for "Andalusian Soul" without these commonplaces.
Although in "The Merchant of Venice" the old Malaga is mentioned as the centre of this thoroughly feminine fragrance.

And yet the Albhambra lion's yard is very much alive in front of my nose: the famous fountain with the seven lions; the pleasant peace after the tourist streams have left this place ("Come on! Follow the yellow umbrella, please!"), the audibly rippling water that promises purity and coolness. The charm of the reddish and multi-faceted buildings surrounding the courtyard in the slightly subdued evening light.
From there you can visit the numerous gardens, some of them enchanted, where jasmine, roses and myrrh float balsamily through this evening atmosphere.

"Andalusian Soul" opens with one of those subtle acacia nuances that cannot deny its relationship to mimosa. Golden amber spice is accompanied by rum, rich and golden brown and very fragrant,.
A somewhat different entrée than expected; not sweet and soft, but rather spicy and a little tart.
The crumpled cistus itself and its spicy Labdanum resin underline the tendency to spice. I love both of them very much, so this fragrance is very welcome to me.
Sage adds a little scent to this somewhat unusual mixture, which is now surprisingly soft thanks to the delicate scent of orange blossoms: a magical effect is created.
Even if rosemary, this somewhat rough-bodied journeyman, cannot be prevented from adding its spicy needles. It does not disturb, it only underlines a harmonious whole!
This very pleasant spice gets an equal opponent by a powerful, but very skillfully dosed vanilla gift. They've earned each other!
Rum, bitter-spicy blossoms and resins in addition now still creamy sweet vanilla: what do you want more?
Amber also sets clear scent and felt light accents here once again.
This Andalusian soul now opens itself to me with a lot of warmth and tenderness; appeals to all senses very positively.

Due to my lack of body heat, "Andalusian Soul" seems to have a completely different fragrance than the sweet gourmandise announced here.
I discover a slightly resinous, smoky and spicy fragrance that gradually develops towards warm sensuality through vanilla and amber.
However, in the end the delicate delicacy of the orange blossoms is lost; it is somewhat overrun by the base note.
Through my experiences with "Andalusian Soul" I can imagine this fragrance also well on a gentleman; if he takes this fragrance development, which I notice with me.
Because the feminine accent already predominates here.

I don't have to mention my affinity for Venice anymore and it's well known that these fragrance artworks of "The Merchant of Venice" have long since found a place in my hungry soul's scent.
"Andalusian Soul", however, awakens the longing for El Andaluz and Morocco, which is always dormant in me and which I have not yet been able to justify. She's there, pulling in that direction all the time!

Therefore this smell will probably be allowed to move in one day nevertheless with me.
"Andalusian Soul" conveys dream images full of these typical subdued colours and sets the mood for a fantastic journey; a tour guide in a fantastically beautiful Murano bottle: wonderful harmony!
I will take good care of the few drops of this "flying carpet" of my dreams!
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