Mystic Incense by The Merchant Of Venice
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Mystic Incense is a popular perfume by The Merchant Of Venice for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is smoky-sweet. It is being marketed by Mavive.
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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesSalted caramel, Dried fruits
Heart Notes Heart NotesBlond woods, Frankincense
Base Notes Base NotesCocoa absolute



7.8 (48 Ratings)


7.8 (38 Ratings)


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8.6 (46 Ratings)
Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 05.08.2020.
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You'd better not use a salt shaker to get my candy...!!
Yoo-hoo there! Well, are you still sticking your noses in everything? Yes, that's what I thought... Scent freaks like you never change, always the nose in a scent, and most of all always looking for the next "Scent", although you probably just got a new "sweetie" in the souk five minutes ago, right? And now you're laughing because everything I just said totally applies to you, right? :DD

Anyway, welcome to a new fragrance description from me. Today I'm talking about Mystic Incense, a fragrance from The Merchant of Venice, which has become one of my favorite brands (and I still don't have a fragrance from it for finding it so great!..!).

As you have already thought from the name of the fragrance, this is a resinous fragrance, which actually belongs more in winter or autumn, but fortunately it is not too murderously hot at the moment, so that I can test such fragrances in summer right now (until autumn would surely the little sample tip over, and I would not risk that with such a beautiful fragrance brand, you fragrance freaks surely understand that anyway, right? I thought so! :D).

All right, let's get started
The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with deliciously fragrant caramel, but the salt also quickly turns on. Caramel and salt then give off an unusual, but not at all bad scent. Yes, it smells good, but in terms of taste I wouldn't want to try something sweet with something salty,... at least not with sweet things or something, hmm...
Anyway, here we go. It smells, of course, but especially of very intense incense. That's nice, but you have to like incense, otherwise you really can't do anything with the scent here. The salty and the associated, a little unusual top note, become weaker, as the scent becomes even more sweet, especially when the chocolate note begins, which then also fits very well to the airy smoky incense.
Later, the fragrance continues to be sweet and resinous. The salt appears again and again more strongly, whereby the smell reminds me in places of tasty, candied almonds, nuts and similar Naschkram on Christmas markets or at a fair and so on.
At the very end, the fragrance actually only smells of incense and sweet scents.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is good, the scent radiates well and is therefore for a good while very good at one or at a smellable. The fragrance also has a very long shelf life of over twelve hours. But it can even be perceived weakly on the skin the next morning.

The bottle:
The beautifully shaped bottle, reminiscent of lamps or vases, is green this time with red vertical stripes and therefore has something of a watermelon :)
The lid is semicircular or umbrella-like and clear. The neck is gold plated and shows the brand name. The name of the fragrance itself stands on a gold plated metal pendant, which was attached to the neck of the bottle. All in all a very beautiful bottle as always.

So that was mystic incense. I also liked this fragrance here, although I would prefer other fragrances of this brand anyway. What I think is good is the top note, which smells sweet as well as salty and therefore comes across differently than in many other fragrances. It's a great change and it doesn't smell bad. Besides the smell reminds me of great Christmas markets every now and then because of the salt, and you know for sure how much I like Christmas :)

The fragrance has thus clearly become an autumn and winter fragrance, which can be used especially for going out or for the evening in general. It is absolutely unisex for me, so that here once again all their noses could stick in... :D At least I would highly recommend to test the scent times.

Which has become olfactory nice, but it doesn't have to be exactly the same taste, does it? Anyway, I wouldn't like to eat sweet stuff mixed with salt so much... brrr... ne, some of you might think that would give the sweet stuff a certain spice, but you wouldn't garnish delicious waffles with salt instead of icing sugar, would you? And you ever mix salt in Kellog's? Hmm.... Oh where... you lunatics never know... :D

Well then, have a nice evening! And see you next time :)
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